10 August 2019

Let's Go Die at Area 51!

Some two million idiots have pledged to "Storm Area 51" because "They can't stop all of us." These idiots think they can run to the base, confident in the belief that the base's defenders will run out of bullets (and napalm) before all their ranks are devastated.

Storming Area 51 is a logistics nightmare. Even reaching it is something that's very difficult, and almost impossible on foot. The nearest civilian rest stop is 86 miles from the base. Even running at 200% capacity it may be able to supply a couple thousand people. As for Area 51 itself, the distance from the gate to the buildings themselves is 28 miles of some of the harshest desert on the planet. You would have to be in peak physical condition (and not the people who signed up to storm the base) just to make it there on foot. The world record for marathon, which is less than the distance that needs to be crossed than the perimeter around Area 51, is just over 2 hours. Imagine doing that in 110 degree heat on blinding white salt flats with no shade. The elements themselves will defeat 90% of the people attempting this stunt, and, given the lack of medical facilities in the area, several thousand will probably die from heat stroke even just camping out in the desert.

Assuming even 10% of the people stupid enough to go manage to cross the desert, Area 51 sits on a US Air Force base. The Air Force has napalm, and they're not afraid to use it, at least in built-up civilian areas in Iraq.

This is Napalm. Water cannot put it out. Yes, they can stop all of you.

Napalm aside, those signs all over the desert warning of the use of lethal force are not jokes. People have been shot, to death, trying to access Area 51. Even if 10% of the keyboard warriors decide not to sleep late and actually storm Area 51, and if 10% of them are surprisingly fit enough to make it the nearly 100 miles through the desert to the base, that means 20,000 people will be on the receiving end of, at the very least, rubber bullets, active denial weapons (which will stop you in your tracks unless you are very stoned on PCP or something), tear gas, and other rather cool non-lethal weapons.

This is Active Denial. It will stop you.

There are also legal ramifications in attempting to storm Area 51, as this Internet lawyer can explain. Even if you are not killed, pelted with rubber bullets, or sent to the hospital for dehydration, you will be sent to jail and fined perhaps half your monthly welfare check.

One can only pray to our Lord Thanos (the best alien, by the way) that at the very least 10% of these idiots do decide to go through with this jackassery so that the universe can become more balanced, as all things should be, through their removal from the gene pool. Best case scenario ALL of them decide to go and balance the universe.

A man can dream, can't he?


26 May 2019

How to Overcome Nihilism

"Black people invented John Malkovich" - Economic Invincibility

Nihilism is the disease of the modern age. The structure of society feeds nihilism and depression. There's not much we can do at first as individuals to change society, but we can make changes in our own lives and in the lives of the people we care about that will improve our quality of life tremendously. And, at the end of the day, that will make all the difference.

25 May 2019

Nihilism is Garbage

Friedrich Nietzsche: The Anti-Nihilist.
"I am Superman. Look at my muscles."

Nihilism is garbage. If you are a nihilist you are a nobody, a non-entity, a loser, and a defeatist.

I am intimately familiar with suffering. Injuries, disease, constant pain, years of unemployment and a string of dead-end jobs that offer no fulfillment. I know it all, and I'll admit to becoming a little bitter over the years, though I do think it has helped me advance philosophically.

People like to blame God, or speculate on how a life full of suffering is devoid of all meaning. The modern world feeds this mentality. It is designed from on high to make us feel inadequate. Anti-social media want us to feel like all of our frienimies are doing so much better than us when they are often just as miserable. Advertising wants us to be miserable so that we buy more crap we don't need or want. The media live off of suffering: "If it bleeds, it leads." Add to this the armies of Internet "black pills" and doomsayers who sell ebooks and subscriptions to even more doom online, and you have a recipe for nihilism, which Friedrich Nietzsche and personal experience in the world will tell you is currently the dominant philosophy of the West. Once we got rid of Christianity, when we killed God, we now find ourselves in this nightmare world where life is devoid of meaning.

God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we, murderers of all murderers, console ourselves? That which was the holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet possessed has bled to death under our knives. Who will wipe this blood off us? With what water could we purify ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we need to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we not ourselves become gods simply to be worthy of it? There has never been a greater deed; and whosoever shall be born after us - for the sake of this deed he shall be part of a higher history than all history hitherto."

From Nietzsche's The Gay Science
Nietzsche recognized that with the advent of the nihilism brought on by the new scientific materialism of modernity (and the full-on celebration of meaninglessness that has come about in post-modernism), we would face an existential crisis. The idea of God is so central to giving meaning to our lives that without it we are no better than ants, toiling day and night for jobs we hate just to keep our heads above water while we fill the pockets of Mammon worshipers who have managed to take the reigns of civilization, all without meaning or purpose.

God is dead, and we have killed him, and we are woefully incapable of filling the void in our current condition. It is one thing to feel at conflict with society and man's laws, but it is quite another to feel at conflict with the Source of all life and morality itself. Eliminating God leads to the enshrinement of the State, as the vacant throne of the Absolute cannot remain vacant in the mind of man for long. Whether the natural sciences or the all-powerful State, something man-made must take the role left vacant by the crucifixion of God. This has led to the worst totalitarianism, as, while God's laws are immutable, there is no limit to His mercy. However, the State has no mercy; it has no room for forgiveness of 'sins' against political correctness, as the State recognizes no authority outside itself. This is why the authoritarian Godless State has led to the worst atrocities in history: the murder of hundreds of millions with industrial sterility and efficiency.

When you no longer believe in God then you will believe in anything, and everything becomes permissible. If God is not your master than you are a slave to your senses. You are like the addict, the drunkard who cannot control how he drinks, but is controlled by his drinking. When you are free to do anything then you lose all of your freedom, because you are no longer in control of your body, but your body is in control of you. And when your body controls you then you are open to being controlled by the powers that be to fuel their endless lust for more power.

The reverse of nihilism, of "If it bleeds, it leads," is the philosophy of Major Dutch Schaefer: "If it bleeds, we can kill it."

The movie Predator shows us that no matter how powerful the adversary, no matter how hopeless the situation, our enemies are no less mortal than we are, and our troubles can be overcome. We just have to become the best possible version of ourselves. We have to become better than we thought we could be. Dutch didn't win because he was stronger than the Predator, or because he was necessarily smarter either. The Predators are thousands of years ahead of humans, having fully developed interstellar travel, cloaking devices, universal translators, and super medicine that allows for rapid healing of what would otherwise be incapacitating wounds. Dutch was able to win because he was able to exploit the weaknesses of his opponent to his advantage. He may not be smarter, but he can think on his feet and is more adaptable.

This is the philosophy of existentialism. Yes, life is full of suffering, but it is also full of joy, and you're hurting yourself to focus on the suffering while ignoring the joy. There are simple steps to reclaiming your joy and to once again find meaning and purpose in your life. Like everything it all begins with a choice. You have to take control of your own life and reclaim your birthright. You can take your life back because you choose to.

28 April 2019

Milton Friedman: Understanding Inflation

Milton Friedman, one of the greatest economists of the 20th century, explains inflation in simple terms that anyone willing can understand.

In case you were wondering the breakdown of Bob Crawford's tax situation, we can use a nifty inflation calculator to find out just how much he's being screwed.

Wages between 1972 and 1978 did not keep up with inflation*, and Mr. Crawford's buying power was lower even though he was making more. His wages did increase from $12,000 a year to $18,000 a year, an increase of $6,000 nominal dollars. However, adjusted for inflation, he was making just under $1,000 less in inflation-adjusted dollars. $12,000 in 1972 would be equivalent to $19,000 in 1978. While his company (which was in bed with the politicians, just as they all are today) did give him more money to make him think he was getting ahead in life, they conveniently gave him less in real terms than he was making before he had gotten the raise. Governments and corporations are demonic bedfellows. And, as if that wasn't enough, he was kicked into a higher tax bracket because his on paper earnings were higher.

Also, $18,000 in 1978 is equal to $70,000 today, and $12,000 in 1972 is equal to $73,000 today. The average wages for tool and die (Bob Crawford's profession) today is $49,000 a year, only 2/3 of what the equivalent job paid in 1972. Nominal wages may have quadrupled, but real wages have been cut nearly in half.

*Wages have not kept up with inflation to this day. In fact one study from the Pew Research Center indicates that real wages have been stagnant for the past 40 years.

22 April 2019

The Last Months of Jesus?

Just watched "The Last Days of Jesus" on PBS, a piece of tabloid propaganda by radical Jewish biblical conspiracy theorist Simcha Jacobovici, who sets out in every single thing he creates to "prove" that literally everything about Judaism is true and literally everything about Christianity is fake. He is willing to spin total yarns to "prove" even the most outlandish things to say some Jewish story absolutely happened exactly as it is written, and will go to the same lengths in the opposite direction to paint Jesus as a scheming political opportunist who had children, founded a dynasty in France, died, and rotted in a tomb. It is co-produced by biblical conspiracy theorist James Tabor, who has worked with Jacobovici and naytheist James Cameron before in the past on fantastical tales of biblical revisionism.

The story, like most of the yarns he spins, appears convincing if you don't think about it, but when you apply even the slightest bit of scrutiny it falls apart.

Just one example dismantles the entire central thesis of the program - that Jesus was colluding with Herod Antipas, Pontius Pilate, and Praetoria Prefect Sejanus, in an attempted coup against Tiberius to put Sejanus on the throne of Rome and Herod on the throne of Judea, and to remove Caiaphas from the position as head priest with Jesus taking his place (I kid ye not, that conspiracy theory the central thesis of the program). Allegedly it makes no sense for Jesus to be arrested, tried, and executed in a couple days. That never, ever happened, we are told. It had to take place over six months, because news has to travel across the Mediterranean that Sejaus was executed for treason, which caused Pilate and Antipas to waiver in their scheme. Ten minutes later we are told that Sejanus is arrested, tried for treason, and executed in a single day, as if they hadn't just went to great lengths to explain that these single day show trials never happened and could never happen and that the Gospel accounts had to be wrong.

It also says that the Gospel writers never mentioned Sejanus because "it was extremely dangerous at the time to do so", despite the fact that we know Sejanus existed because at least six contemporaries of the Gospel writers wrote about him. The more likely explanation as to why the Gospel writers don't mention him is because they had no idea who he was because why would they?

The film also includes bull face lies that Jesus was a follower of John the Baptist (he was not), that he took over John the Baptist's movement when John was executed (clearly he did not), that Jesus had no reason to dislike the Pharisees because they all believed in the same things (which they did not), that John the Baptist sprinkled water on people's heads instead of immersing them in water, that first century Jews believed there would be two messiahs* - one a political ruler and one the chief priest.

The film also lies about the Last Supper and even the purpose behind Christianity. They say Jesus wanted us to remember his death, and that this was the foundation of Christianity, when, in truth, it is his resurrection and conquest of death that is the central point of the religion. If Jesus died and rotted in a tomb Christianity would be meaningless and Jesus, who said he would rise again and rise us to eternal life as well, would be a liar. The resurrection IS Christianity. It is the singular event that proves Jesus is who he says he is and that he can free us from sin and death.

*I should point out that the word “messiah” has two different meanings within Judaism, and the producers of this film are suggesting otherwise. The “normal” messiah was any high priest or king who was anointed with holy oil, and even included the gentile Cyrus the Great, who ordered the reconstruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. The Messiah as we know it today, who will appear at the End of Days, descend from the line of David, free the Jews, and preside over the millennial reign was one man who would quite literally appear a the End of Days. There were not going to be two men ruling at the same time, one a priest and one a king, there was just one final liberator of the Jewish people. The confusion arises among people who don't know that the one word can be used in two different ways in two different contexts. The producers of this program are deliberately misleading the public (James Tabor has even written a book offering a different misrepresentation, where Jesus is the king and John the Baptist is the priest!).

29 January 2019

Democracy is Moderate Communism

Hans-Hermann Hoppe explains the dangerous conclusion people have drawn from the "Long Peace", the period from the end of the Second World War until today which is characterized as being the longest unbroken stretch of peace in world history, namely that democracy is the cause of that peace. Or, for that matter, that humans are fundamentally more peaceful, or are becoming more peaceful with time, which is the blatant lie perpetuated by Steven Stinker.

Hoppe argues that the Long Peace is nothing more than the Pax Americana. Just as Egypt didn't go to war against Phonecia while they were both Roman colonies, wars in the modern world are kept in check by Team America. As Hoppe says:

"With the end of World War Two, all of Western Europe and Japan and Korea in the Pacific region became part of the United States Empire as is indicated by the presence of United States troops practically everywhere in these countries. Now, what the post-World War Two period of peace then proves is not that democracies do not go to war against each other, but that an imperialist power such as the United States did not let its various colonial parts go to war against each other. You also did not see, by the way, any wars breaking out between all those countries that were dominated by the Soviet Union as the Soviet Empire existed, from which we also do not draw the conclusion that communist dictatorships under Russian control do not against each other, so because of that we have to introduce something like this."

19 January 2019

The Reality of Renewables

Physicist David MacKay explains that, while we should do more to increase our usage of renewable energy, at least in the short term it is impossible to get off of fossil fuels as renewable energy really just isn't that efficient. Like I talked about a decade ago (believe it or not) about the myth of corn gasoline and inflating your tires, you would need to devote the land area of a small country to growing biofuels just to replace regular gasoline.

01 January 2019

Two Years of Winning

Despite what the nay sayers, doom sayers, fake news, and very fake news will want you to believe, Donald Trump has actually delivered on several of his campaign promises, or, at least he has taken the first step toward delivering on those promises. And while America is not yet great again, we are definitely moving along the right track, and considerable strides have been made in correcting nearly three decades of anti-American policies.

It started with those enemies who opposed Trump. Here was a man who was unbelievably rich, famous the world over, the head of a real estate empire, a reality TV star. A man who has had three beautiful wives, has rose from defeat numerous times, has his name on buildings all over the world, owns solid gold toilets, and has done more to lift New York out of depression and infamy than just about anyone. Like Augustus, he transformed New York from a city of brick to a city of marble when everyone believed it to be a den of drugs and iniquity (along with Ed Koch and Rudy Giuliani). Trump could take anything and turn it into gold.

And then he ran against Clinton, and all of a sudden this 1990s New York liberal became not just an evil right-winger, but "literally Hitler".

His enemies list was tremendous, and it read as a who's who of all the worst people on the planet: Most of the party elite of both political parties (which are nothing more than two of the largest and most influential corporations on the planet), every major media outlet and figure (also corporations), the largest multinational corporations on the planet and their billionaire and trillionaire owners like first generation synth Mark Suckerface, Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, and that guy from Google with the huge forehead, politicians from the European Union including the oven stuffer and de facto Fourth Reich chancellor Angela Merkin and the communists in France, the leaders of communist China, communists in South and Central America, all of academia (also run by communists), the Bush crime family, the Clinton crime family, the blackshirts known as Antifa, and everyone who believes in "trigger warnings", "safe spaces", and generally ending free speech. It was as if everyone who opposes God and Western Civilization stood up and declared in a single voice that Trump was the antithesis of all that they stood for.

And when Trump adopted a slogan that I had come up with do describe my own ideal presidential platform some years earlier – America First – that just sealed the deal. Sometimes God speaks to you in a still small voice, and at other times he blasts you with a megaphone.

For those who were still unconvinced i spent the better part of 2016 deconstructing Trump's primary opponents, most notably LOLbertarian globalist Gary Johnson and Hitlery Roddamn "Hildabeast" Clinton. Especially the latter. When a political party puts a naked obese man on stage and has him dance at an official function, I think that party is pretty much dead in the water.

This culminated in a 60 hour marathon session, which toward the end began to include hallucinations due to sleep deprivation. During this time I wrote a 5,300 word treatise titled "What is at Stake in the Next Election", a 3,000 word summary, I directly debated maybe 50 people, shitposted on a dozen platforms, and (on The Urban Mystic) reached out to 3,000 people (the equivalent of 3 months of normal traffic). All this was to do my part to convince at least one extra person to vote for Trump. Or, at least to convince opponents that the world was not ending.

Far from it. The truth is we've made tremendous strides and have witnessed what can only be considered miracles. Starting with the election of Donald Trump himself. Billions of dollars were spent trying to keep Trump out of the White House, and looking at all the accomplishments that have strengthened America at the expense of multinational corporations and banks stands as testament it is easy to see why.

In two short years we've seen:

•The start of meaningful prison reform.

Tens of thousands of people stand to benefit from what is appropriately called the "First Step" toward clipping the wings of the for-profit gulag system in America that serves to ruin the lives of ordinary people who have just gotten a bad break, maybe turned to drugs for relief from the pain of a difficult life, and were thrown in a cell where they are forced to become hardened gang members just to survive. Prisons in America turn petty criminals and non-violent offenders into serious criminals. Thousands will be rehabilitated and reintegrated into society and become productive citizens again. Trump is extending Christian mercy to the masses.

•Ending the Korean War

The Korean War began 69 years ago and has still not ended. The war became a stalemate in 1953, it didn't end. In fact, the Korean peninsula stood as the most likely flashpoint for nuclear war (and, by extension, the end of the world). Trump went over there and spoke frankly with Kim Jong Un. He did the one thing none of his predecessors thought to do, negotiate, and he negotiated several monumental steps toward the end of the war. The North Korean nuclear program has been suspended, landmines and other devices of death are being removed from the border, limited movement between the two Koreas has begun. A genuine end to the war is at hand, and the entire world can breathe a lot easier because we have a negotiator in the White House instead of a man who draws meaningless red lines in the sand and then retreats every time someone crosses them.

•Pulling troops out of Syria

Trump is the first president since the end of the Cold War who has not started a new foreign war. Not only that, Trump is the first president since the end of the Cold War to actually work toward ENDING wars his predacessors have started (the Korean War and US involvement in Syria). What does America care about Syria? Assad is a secular, middle of the road guy who protects religious and ethnic minorities in Syria. The "moderate" Islamists Obama wanted to put in power in Syria (and DID put in power in Libya) would have turned the country into yet another Middle East shithole of repression of religion, freedom of speech, and human rights. ISIS has been defeated and Trump can pull the US out of Syria with dignity and allow the Syrian people to live in peace under the stable hand of Assad. All of the allegedly anti-war people who protested under Bush now, not-so-mysteriously worship war and adventurism and Team America policing the world all because Trump opposes pointless wars. "Orange man bad" is the sum total of their thinking. Trump could cure cancer and half the nation would hate him for putting doctors out of business.

•Best economy since 1999

Since the Dot Com crash America's economy has been on the down trend. It is now starting to rise up again. While the stock market is not the economy it is still a useful metric. We've seen the largest growth in the markets of all time. GDP has seen growth in excess of 3.5% and even 4% for several quarters, something that was considered impossible.

•Lowest black unemployment ever

So much for Trump the racist. If it wasn't for "minorities" disaffected by the Democrats failure to lift them out of poverty for decades Trump would not have been elected. Trump got the largest share of minority voters of any Republican ever, and he is paying dividends. Trump is listening to the plight of minority groups, and he is doing everything corrupt courts and legislatures will allow him to do to help the people who elected him.

•Lowest general unemployment since 2000

I can personally attest to this one. Real jobs are starting to replace McJobs, factories are starting to move back to America. America is on track to seeing the lowest unemployment since 1969. Workforce participation is at 63%, just under the 67% from 2000. Trump is creating an economic climate that is encouraging job growth. Wage growth is still stagnant, unfortunately, but Trump is definitely putting people back to work, and that's a good first step.

•Killing the individual mandate

The grossly illegal, immoral, unconstitutional individual mandate of Obamacare was killed by executive fiat during the first days of the Trump presidency. Now healthy individuals who may be strapped for cash in the "new" economy no longer have to buy insurance with a $5,000 deductible that no one who doesn't have Cancer or a catastrophic injury would ever use up. The only point of Obamacare's individual mandate, which illegally forced people to purchase a product from a corporation, was to line the pockets of Obama's billionaire donors and to make him look like the messiah for allegedly helping the poor by gutting the middle class. Trump saved poor and middle class people thousands of dollars every year by not forcing them at gun-point to purchase insurance they cannot use and that many of whom do not need.

•Tax cuts for lower and middle class

Need more proof that Trump loves the poor? He cut taxes. I've explained before, raising taxes doesn't work, and it certainly doesn't harm "the rich" because 1. people only want to increase income tax while rich people don't make their money through income, and 2. rich people always find loopholes so they don't pay taxes anyway. Taxes hurt the poor and middle class, and in cutting taxes Trump has helped put more money into the pockets of millions of ordinary people.

•Two Supreme Court justices, with number 3 on the way

Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh have successfully been added to the bench thanks to the gross meddling of the Democrats that changed the rules of how justices are elected or selected or appointed or whatever. This has opened up the floodgates for Trump to stack the bench and control the judicial climate of America for the next 30 years. With Ruth "The Mummy" Bader Ginsburg ready to keel over any time soon Trump will get a third appointment and steps can then be taken to overturn the cultural decay that legislating from the bench has done over a generation. It will be a return to Constitutional governance.

•Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital

So much for Trump the anti-Semite, Trump as "literally Hitler" and a Nazi. Presidents of old have vowed to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, but none of them have had the balls. Either that or, more likely, those promises were lies to win over the hearts of what was at the time America's religious majority. Jerusalem is without question Israel's capital. All the governing bodies have resided in Jerusalem for decades. It is asinine to assert that a nation cannot declare its own capital within the land that it rightfully possesses. It is nothing more than anti-Jewish propaganda by the surrounding Islamist nations and communists within Europe and other tin horn banana republics around the world to blame Israel or the Jews for any of the problems of the Middle East. Trump is quite literally doing God's work. As sane, rational atheist Pat Condell states "All anyone needs to know about the Middle East conflict is that the Jews want peace and the Arabs don't, because the Arabs hate Jews for religious reasons, and they want them dead."

•Killing TPP

NAFTA 2.0, which threatened to kill job growth in America permanently so the modern day robber barons could make money off of literal slave labor in China or Vietnam, was killed definitively by Trump. He has even begun to strike back against the trade imbalances imposed on the US by the likes of China and Mexico with tariffs and a re-negotiated NAFTA that have put real pressure on these mafia states. Trump did not start a trade war, he inherited the trade war that was created after the end of the Cold War when the US decided it no longer needed to compete in the world economy and could let everyone else grow rich off our spoils. And Trump is the first president in the 28 years since the fall of the USSR who has taken a decidedly pro-American stance on world trade.

Trump is far from perfect, and one can conclude that it is only by some miracle that he has accomplished all this despite all the obstacles in the world being thrown at him. It is a good start, and it gives me hope for the future for what Trump can accomplish in the next six years he has in office.

02 December 2018

Hitler versus Christianity

I've already mentioned that Adolf Hitler was not a Christian. Nor was he an atheist. In fact, he tried to eradicate both Christianity and atheism.

30 October 2018

Has Non-Fiction Become Dumber?

Over the past few years I've been reading fewer new books. New fiction is, for the most part, self-indulgent, meaningless narcissism wrapped inside a veneer of pretentious twattery. And non-fiction has taken to become more like fiction.

Take a look at books from a few decades ago. Greats like Isaac Asimov wrote great fiction, and also great non-fiction, and you could tell instantly which genera you were reading. Today that line between fiction and non-fiction has blurred to the point where memoirs contain largely fabricated material and novels contain pages of footnotes and references to news articles and scientific papers.

One great example is The Great Hedge of India by Roy Moxham. You start with a fantastic premise: the second largest man-made barrier the world has ever seen was once a giant thorny hedge that ran across India and today almost no one knows anything about it. Then you read the book and 80% is the author talking about himself, his travels, and his research in writing the book you are now reading. Almost nothing about the book is about the hedge itself, the book is little more than a self-referential exercise in seeing how recursive a book can be by referring to itself and the process of writing it as much as possible.

Or The 37th Parallel by Ben Mezrich. The premise is fantastic: UFO sightings and animal mutilations cluster around the 37th parallel, which is the same area where most secret US military bases are located. You then read the book and you find absolutely nothing on the phenomenon of the 37th parallel until the very last chapter. You find very little about UFOs either. Almost the entire book is about a crazy man who lost his job because he was obsessed with UFOs, the furniture he bought his wife to get her to stop nagging him about his obsession with UFOs, the misadventures he had with his equally crazy sister, and the billionaire frenemy he has who started a top secret corporation that works with the government to build private spacecraft. And it's not even written like a biography, it's written like a novel where the author injects his personal opinions throughout. About 10% of the book is fact, the rest is a story with a plot and characters and a twist ending and melodrama concocted to sell books.

Michael Drosnin's Bible Code series contains a handful of intersting facts about a statistical study of the Torah woven together with a whole heap of narrative about how the author is Indiana Jones and has to save the world. Elaine Pagles' books on early Christian history similarly contain as much narrative about the author's own quest to research and write the books as actual history.

New non-fiction has being transformed into some sort of quasi-fictional "thriller" where a kernel of fact is sewn into a narrative with characters and settings and PG-13 dialogue in order to appeal to the dumbed down twitterati and snap-crackle-and-pop chatters with three second attention spans and fifteen word vocabularies who like mass-market corporate "edgy" comedy vomit. Ten page magazine articles are expanded with loads and loads of filler to create 250 page books so wannabe Hollywood screenwriters can keep their heads above water.