23 September 2017

The Case of the Gold Leaf Lady with Stephen E. Braude

Stephen Braude presents his research on the case of Katie, the Gold Leaf Lady -- an individual who experiences a metallic substance, similar to gold leaf, forming on and around her body. Chemical analysis has shown that the substance is actually brass. Braude goes into some detail explaining why he was able to rule out fraud in this puzzling case. He also describes Katie's other psychic gifts, including trance mediumship, xenoglossy, and clairvoyance. He also describes the psychodynamics behind the gold leaf manifestations.

22 September 2017

Table Levitation with Stephen E. Braude

Table levitation has been studied, at times, under quite good conditions, and provides good evidence of rarely seen macro-PK phenomena. Stephen Braude is even performing experiments today using modern scientific apparatus in full-light conditions. Commonly associated with Spiritualism, table levitation does not seem to provide good evidence for spirit interaction, but instead appears to be a psychokinetic effect produced by the living people present.

14 September 2017

The Crossing of the Red Sea

Hurricane Irma's incredible power drew all the water from this beach at Long Island in the Bahamas, leaving behind only dry land.

In the story of the Exodus, Moses raises his staff and the Red Sea (Yam Suph, sometimes translated as the Sea of Reeds) empties of its water. God caused the sea to recede with a powerful east wind (Ex. 14:21). The water was piled up in a great wall to the side of the dry land, and this phenomenon lasted long enough for allegedly 600,000 Israelites to cross. When the Egyptians followed in their chariots the wind stopped and the sea returned, drowning them.

This is exactly what was seen at the Bahamas, minus the drowning Egyptians. Hurricane Irma's powerful winds and low pressure caused a huge bulge of water in the center of the storm, draining the beach, and the beach was dry for many hours, apparently. When the hurricane hit land the huge storm surge caused tremendous waves to crash on shore and caused massive flooding.

The mechanism exists for a powerful wind (hurricane or other storm) to drain a shallow body of water long enough for people to cross, and for huge waves to arrive to drown masses of people. The narrative account exists that says that just such an event happened somewhere in Egypt over 3,000 years ago during the Exodus. You could argue that such an occurrence was purely natural, and that it was one hell of a coincidence, or maybe it really was a miracle, but the crossing of the sea is definitely plausible. We can't prove that it happened, but it definitely could have happened, and this is what it would have looked like.

09 September 2017

Millennials Are The Establishment

Unlike their parents, who rebelled against the establishment and proclaimed a love of free speech, most Millennials cling fervently to the establishment and proclaim free speech to be anathema to political correctness. Three decades of government propaganda "public education" as well as popular propaganda from the military-industrial-media complex have made Millennials the most conformist generation to date.

Atheism is Crap and it's Dying

Atheism is the world's fastest shrinking religion, and soon the world's most famous atheist state - China - will have the most Christians.

04 September 2017

Poverty Does Not Cause Crime

Poverty does not cause crime. Taoudenni is the poorest place in the world, and they don't even have a word for crime. The couple of times a year when there's a disagreement between two men (the population is 100% male, because the environment is so harsh the women and children live hundreds of miles away and the men see them a few months out of the year) the village elder comes up with a solution and everyone accepts it as final.

Men of Salt

What causes crime is relative poverty. If very poor people live in the same area as very rich people that conflict causes crime.

02 September 2017

Understanding the Old Testament

Rocking Mr. E gives a very brief synopsis and explanation of the Old Testament in order to explain the context. Naytheists like to claim God is a tyrant, which is interesting because they have a lot of hatred for someone they claim to not believe in.

For will to be free we must be free to choose to harm others. If not, we would just be God's puppets. The only way for God to remove evil from the world would be to either remove free will or to undo creation. The only other solution would be us to accept God and goodness as outlined in the plan for salvation through the person of Jesus Christ.

31 August 2017

The Lie of the Tyrannical Biblical God

Rocking Mr. E explains that the God of the Old Testament is not the cruel tyrant that naytheists like to paint him as. Rather than being unjustly evil and vindictive, the God of the Old Testament is actually far more patient and understanding than any human government in the world today.

23 August 2017

Ken Wilber: Only Religion Can Save The World

Ken Wilber explains why only religion provides the structures and tools necessary for both growing up and waking up. Nothing else can create a cohesive community that gives meaning to our lives, or provide the means of escaping suffering and discovering our true identity.

06 August 2017

Why the US Wastes So Much Food

We already know why Europe wastes so much food. We've all heard of the butter mountains and wine lakes. The EU's socialistic Common Agricultural Policy demands that farmers produce hundreds of millions of Euros worth of surpluss goods, that the government buys with confiscated taxpayer money, in order to keep the paper lantern economy afloat. But the United States is different. Except with corn production, which is wasted to make horribly inefficient E85 gasoline, the US does not have anywhere the same level of central planning when it comes to agriculture as the EU (thank God). So why does the US waste enough food to feed an extra billion people? It turns out that capitalism (or crapitalism when it fails like this) can be just as destructive as socialism.