06 October 2008

Why The Economy Failed

Why is the economy in the shape that it is now? Subprime mortgages you say. Well, where did that come from? There were these evil, black magic motherfuckers (I can think of nothing more appropriate to call someone who would do something this hideous) who wanted to ruin the country and blame everyone else so that they would look like heroes. There is no excuse for what they did. In November make sure to vote for John McCain to keep them in check

04 October 2008

An American Carol

After movies like Lions for Lambs (lost $50 million!), Stop-Loss (lost $14.1 million), and Redacted (lost $4.2 million) failed here is a movie that doesn't dissapoint on every page (a phrase used frequently at the old Urban Mystic). Nothing can be said about the performance of An American Carol so far because this is still the first weekend, but all it has to do is break even to be a bigger success than all those anti-American films. Of course, all the people who can't get over their partisan positions will hate this movie without having ever seen it, but hey, they said Expelled failed when it made twice as much as it cost and was the fifth highest grossing documentary of all time (anything that gives a return on investment of 200% is a success). I usually don't watch comedy pictures, but this was genuinely funny, especially the zombie ACLU. This wasn't one of those offensive comedies; it was a just good, honest fun. You definitely should see An American Carol.


The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming

If you remember the old Urban Mystic you'll remember the book The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism by Christopher Horner. Well, here is a roughly 35 minute video in which the author explains the book, why man-made global warming is a fraud, and how warmer temperatures, fossil fuels, and wealth are good for humanity. -Dee

03 October 2008


All the entries in the original year of The Urban Mystic have been saved at a mediumly secure location. There are 113 pages of entries for 2006 and I will go through all of them and pick out the best examples of what The Urban Mystic is all about and repost them here as a Best Of series. The same will be done with the 2007 and 2008 entries.

Remember, most of the entries, at least initially, are very poor. They represent the transition between the fully blown fundamaterialist Dee, who died in 2006, to the modern Dee who is still trying to figure everything out. There is a lot of garbage in 2006 and likely in 2007 and all that will not be reposted. I thought I should spare you the horror of having to relive all that.


01 October 2008

The Urban Mystic

The old location of The Urban Mystic is being closed down on 31 October. In the mean time everything will be transfered to this new location, and probably there will be a slow down in things like videos and pages for The L. I'll keep you posted, here instead of there.