18 November 2008

The Magellan of Instrumental TransCommunication

If Magellan hung around with flat earth people nobody would take his plan to circumnavigate the globe seriously and it would have hurt his career. Science takes us outside of our comfort zone and it is our duty to follow the data whereever they take us, not recoil and make blanket proclamations that entire areas of research are unscientific or wrong.

While this is not my best video, it is very good and well worth watching.


11 November 2008

Veterans Day: Its History and Meaning

11 November 1918: after four years and 20 million lives lost the war to end all wars came to an end. Heroes rose and empires fell. In the years ahead wars would arise and heroes would once again be needed to heed the call of duty to protect those who need protection and to stop those who would cause others harm. This is what Veterans Day is about. We honour those who rose to greatness when their country, and the world, needed them.

It is now 90 years to the day since the war to end all wars came to an end. The last of those brave men who served in that struggle for freedom won't be here for much longer, so while I still can I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to you who served. And not only to those who served in the First World War, but in all wars since, and to all those who continue to step up when the world needs them most. Thank you.


03 November 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

At the Heart2Heart site there is a lovely piece on random acts of kindness. "We all have good days and the not-so good days...but there's nothing like a Random Act of Kindness to pull any person out of a lousy mood." This wonderful little story, written by Chris Courtney, will surely warm your heart. Enjoy!