23 December 2008

Jesus in India

I just saw the documentary Jesus in India, which examins the evidence that Jesus visited India during the 18 years of his life missing from the Gospels. While very good the producers made out on Coast to Coast AM the other night that whoever sees this program should be totally convinced that Jesus visited India after watching it. The documentary mainly consisted of interviews of people in the west saying that a document in a Buddhist monestary, The Life of Saint Issa, that was discovered by Nicolas Notovitch in 1894 is a fake and getting very angry for even bringing it up, and then there were people in India saying absolutely it's real but copies have to be protected so it can't be shown to anyone. Starting out as someone who already believes Jesus visited India I can say I am pleased that someone actually made a documentary dealing with the topic. However, watching this documentary is not likely to change anyone's opinions regarding the topic. Maybe the extra 80 minutes of footage on the DVD say something more convincing, but I don't yet know. If I can get my hands on a copy of the DVD I'll let you know how convincing or not it is.


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