25 January 2009

Seeing Perfection in the Process: Warfare Edition

In the original Seeing Perfection in the Process I take an integral look at the Kalipolis in Book II of Plato's Republic, a society where everyone works according to their talents and lives their passions, all the while engaging others in a global network of similar ideal societies. I made brief mention of a small defensive force needed to keep the peace in the city and the world as a whole, but not so large as to allow for one city to conquer others and form empires. Below is a more in-depth look at the nature of warfare in the ideal city, complete with demonstrations.

*The defensive force of one city engages the attacking force of another city, leading to stailmate.

*The defending city sends out distress messages to neighboring cities, which send their defensive forces to engage the attacking force, defeating them.

*The attacking force can choose peace of defeat.


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