25 January 2009

Disproving God, Episode One

In 2008 I recorded over an hour of audio in which I assess various proofs against God's existence. All that material was starting to take up space on my computer so I decided to start uploading it on the internet. It's not very good, in terms of audio quality or coherence, but if you have eight minutes to kill this should provide you with some good laughs and maybe something to think about. The video images I added to the audio is completely random. There will be many more such videos in the future.

*Why does the "rock problem" not work?

*Why is the problem of evil an appeal to emotion and not a legitimate argument?

*If God knows everything you can't win an argument against God, so why bother?


Seeing Perfection in the Process: Warfare Edition

In the original Seeing Perfection in the Process I take an integral look at the Kalipolis in Book II of Plato's Republic, a society where everyone works according to their talents and lives their passions, all the while engaging others in a global network of similar ideal societies. I made brief mention of a small defensive force needed to keep the peace in the city and the world as a whole, but not so large as to allow for one city to conquer others and form empires. Below is a more in-depth look at the nature of warfare in the ideal city, complete with demonstrations.

*The defensive force of one city engages the attacking force of another city, leading to stailmate.

*The defending city sends out distress messages to neighboring cities, which send their defensive forces to engage the attacking force, defeating them.

*The attacking force can choose peace of defeat.