03 April 2009

The 100 Greatest Battles

The Past Is Not Inevitable... Getting over my first illness in a long time got me thinking about how much I loved the Alexander's Siege of Tyre video. In fact I was inspired to make a 100 part series looking at the 100 greatest battles in history. I'll take you above the fog of war and give you a perspective on these battles the comanders could only dream of getting while they were in the thick of it.

I'm not sure if I'll get through all hundred battles.

I don't have anything approaching a complete list of all the battles I want to cover.

I doubt any of these videos will be under ten minutes in length.

All I really do know is that I sincerely hope you enjoy this new series.

Music from "Roxanne's Veil" by Vangelis and Vanessa Mae

Here is a tentative list of battles:

Battle --- Date --- War

Agincourt --- 25 October 1415 --- Hundred Years War

Kalinga --- 265/264 BC --- Kalinga War

Persian Gate --- January 330 BC --- Wars of Alexander the Great

Gaugamela --- 1 October 331 BC --- Wars of Alexander the Great

Iwo Jima --- 19 Feb - 26 Mar 1945 --- WWII - Pacific Theater

Gettysburg --- 1 -3 July 1863 --- American Civil War