24 July 2010

Chess Match from Beyond the Veil

Michael Tymn writes about an interesting chess match between a (then) living grand master and a deceased grand master; two of among the greatest in the world. Viktor Korchnoi played against Géza Maróczy through the help of automatic writer Robert Rollans. The match was arranged by Swiss stock broker and occasional psychical researcher Wolfgang Eisenbeiss. The match lasted seven years and eight months. I won't give away the winner.

This is a marvelous story that would make a great movie, if done right. Until a producer finds this story and decides to take it to a mass audience we'll just have to settle for the written word.


16 July 2010

The New Age

On this day in 1945, just before dawn, the world entered the atomic age. The Manhattan Project cost $2 billion ($20 billion today) and involved the largest group of brilliant minds ever assembled. Not too long after two bombs would be dropped on Japan, turning the largest science experiment in history into largest weapon of war ever used. It was estimated that in order to defeat the Japanese the largest invasion ever would have to be conducted, resulting in one million American casualties. Five million Japanese would have to be killed reaching Tokyo and forcing the government to surrender. The Russians would have invaded from the north, resulting in millions more dead and dividing the Japanese islands in two, one communist, one capitalist. The divided nation would eventually go to war to reunify the islands in a conflict that would make Korea look like a school yard squabble. For saving countless millions of lives and ending the war more than a year early, the overwhelming impetus toward world peace that was born on 16 July 1945 cannot be underestimated. There has not been another World War since. There has not been anything close to one, and we have the threat of nuclear annihilation to thank. It seems we humans are so primitive that we have to be scared straight, or at least less crooked.

Clip from "Trinity and Beyond"

Clip from The History Channel

08 July 2010

8 July 1947

A day that will live in infamy. No, not that day. On this day in 1947 the US Army Aircorps published a press release announcing they had recovered a "flying saucer" at Roswell, New Mexico. Hours later they retracted their statement, claiming it was only a weather balloon. Over the years the US government has come up with four "official" stories of what crashed at Roswell, each supposedly debunking the previous one. This alone is proof the government is hiding something, if they keep admitting they were lying and come out with a new "official" story of what crashed. It was a MOGUL balloon, of which many crashed and ranchers regularly called the Roswell air base to come and pick up, but this time it was different somehow and the ranchers thought this particular balloon was a flying saucer. Next, the three alien pilots who crashed, one of whom was still alive and moving around, were said not to be 4 foot tall aliens, but 7 foot tall plastic crash dummies which wouldn't be used until several years after the Roswell crash (after 1951), so I guess the Army Aircorps was testing a time machine. I'm waiting for the fifth "official" story, just to see how stupid the government thinks we are. As more and more countries begin releasing at least some of their formerly classified UFO files I'm left to wonder when the United States will follow suite. Maybe not full disclosure, but at least admit you're hiding something. We're not fools, even if we tend to act like fools to get attention.