30 October 2010

The Myth of Overpopulation

Everyone knows there are too many people and we're fucking killing the earf, right????? That's just what libocrats (liberal aristocrats) want you to believe! The truth is most of the developed world has declining populations. It's estimated that in 50 years Japan will be completely depopulated, and there are already six men in China for ever one woman (mostly because baby girls, seen as undesirable, are left to die and sometimes buried alive). Some countries in eastern Europe are already seeing sharp declines in population. The United States retains a robust population largely due to immigration. Here are two videos (that I didn't make for a change) that explains with stick people the truth about the declining population of Earth.

25 October 2010

Oneness & The Heart of the World

Trappist Monk Fr. Thomas Keating discusses Christian mysticism and the mysteries implicite in the oneness of God. He relates the experiences of Christian mysticism with Zen and integral theory. From the official description:

"In this talk, Father Keating discusses the dynamic nature of God and the paradox implicit in experiencing divine oneness. With humor and wisdom, he explores the practice of contemplative prayer, and how we might begin to approach God through being present to our senses." (Length 34:41)

24 October 2010

Juan Williams and NPR

The rich white head of NPR (National Public Radio) sent her goons to fire journalist Juan Williams after he worked there since 1999. They didn't like him because he wasn't their puppet, so they looked for any excuse to fire him, and they did. This act of cowardice was disgusting and disgraceful.

20 October 2010

Ken Wilber and Weed

Ken Wilber is naive and believes politicians tell the truth. He also supports "rude boy" cultist Andrew Cohen (pictured above).

If weed were legalized the government could collect $400 billion a year in taxes and pay off both wars in a few years.

The Other Wiki's page on Cohen, the man who supposedly gained complete and final enlightenment in two and a half weeks.

The Other Wiki's page on Cohen's guru, H. W. L. Poonja. He pronounced Cohen's enlightenment after two and a half weeks.

Be Scofield's "Integral Abuse" article on Cohen and evolutionary enlightenment. He asks the brilliant question about Cohen's "rude boy" enlightenment: "But I must ask, if Cohen's tactics are so revolutionary and 'crazy wisdom' is needed to become enlightened, why haven't any of his students become enlightened? And why are these tactics so necessary when neither Cohen or Wilber attribute their awakenings to these sorts of experiences?"

WHAT enlightenment??! - a site where former Cohen devotees vent. May be true, may be lies, I don't know, I didn't read it.

The Urban Mystic versus The Shirtless Spiritual

Geoffrey D. Falk, a man with no kind words to say to anyone (except maybe Ramana Maharshi), has a site that demonstrates that all gurus, no matter how great, are still human, even if they are divine. Warning: Goeff does believe in the Randi prize, even though there is good evidence to suggest it is a fraud and even though so called "skeptics" say that winning the prize would prove nothing. Goeff might be skeptical of gurus but he sure isn't skeptical of his own skepticism. He quotes Randi several times and believes fully the sexual incidents involving Sai Baba, even though every single court case involving Baba was thrown. In one the so called "victims" were brought in and said they had never heard of the man who brought the case to court, had never met him, and had never claimed Baba molested them. The man, a disillusioned Western devotee, made the whole thing up to get back at Baba for giving him a ring with a zircon instead of a real diamond, even though he said it was a "die-mind" ring, not a "diamond" ring (meaning the death of the ego). He also says videos of Baba's miracles reveal sleight of hand when a magician interviewed for Haraldsson's book says the videos are all too poor quality to come to any honest conclusions. He also supports the view of scholars who find spurious homoeroticism in the life and teachings of Ramakrishna, based on bad translations of Bengali into English (Narasingha Sil and Jeffrey Kripal who mistranslate Bengali to English, misunderstand Tantra, and misuse psychoanalysis to do things it was never meant to do). Goeff also seems to have a thing for stories about gurus and blonds (both men and women). Gentlemen may or may not prefer blonds, but according to Goeff all gurus do. Virtually all of the sexual stories involve blonds from exotic lands like the band mates from ABBA. He also quotes Joe Nickell, another skep-dick phony paranormal investigator, and Indian "rationalists" who call themselves "rationalists" even though they are materialists who believe sense perception is the only means of true knowledge, and the original rationalists were people who believed the senses are unreliable and only reason can be used to gain true knowledge, like Descartes and Kant.

In fact, there's a caveat to his book, listed on his website that reads:

The inclusion of any particular individual in Stripping the Gurus is not meant to suggest or imply that he or she represents him- or herself as a guru, nor is it meant to suggest or imply that he or she has indulged in sex, violence, the abuse of others, or any other illegal or immoral activities.

So it all could be false. Most of it probably is.

He is a disillusioned spiritual believer, much like Michael Shermer, which would explain why he's so angry and full of vitriol. He also decorates his site with the anti-religious/secular humanist/utopianist "A" symbol, meaning he's a utopianist/secular humanist/anti-religious do away with others freedom of thought because they're too stupid kind of guy FakeSagan warned about.

19 October 2010

Tibet: The Story Of A Tragedy

In 1950, China peacefully liberated the shit out of Tibet, ending roughly 1400 years of independence. Temples and monestaries destroyed, forced labour camps were set up, one million people were killed, one sixth of the total population, agriculture was ruined, leading to mass famines. The hammer of communism came down and by the time it was finished Tibet was thoroughly drenched in blood.

Here is a nice French documentary about the history of the West's interaction with Tibet and China's invasion (it's in English).

18 October 2010

Arizona... That's What She Said!

Darrell Ankarlo writes about the illegals situation in Arizona. Let me tell you about Arizona. If you think it's hot in Texas, or, I don't know, the sun, then maybe you should go to Arizona to find out what hot really is. And Phoenix? It sits in a bowl covered by an inversion layer so all the pollution collects there and turns the air into soup. And to make matters worse, millions of people are flooding in to Arizona illegally, demonstrating that where they come from must be located in downtown Hell (< and that's just the front door).

A large part of his article is about the Arizona law, or "lo" as the Mexican president called it several times on television that week he decided to visit to demonstrate before the world that he's a hypocrite. On live television, before the nation and the world, the Mexican president admitted that police in Mexico engage in profiling to get rid of illegal immigrants, that legal immigrants can be kicked out at any time, and for no reason, have to be skilled and educated, and can't own any good property, and yet Arizona's "lo" is evil and racist for being a thousand times less draconian than the immigration "lo's" in Mexico! Can you say "liberal racist?" No, can you say "scared shitless by drug cartells running the country?" Here are a few choice bits from the article:

"Okay, now that I’m finished with entry level history may I ask bleeding hearts what they don’t understand about the word “Illegal?” If you have six people in your family and I barge into your home and demand to be the seventh none of you would tolerate it. Currently, millions of people from 52 nations have barged into our American family and demanded to stay with the majority of them stealing our jobs, killing our hospitals and corrupting our laws. Now is either the time to roll over, play dead and let the victor take the spoils or it’s time to resist the invasion."

"So, when we create yet another law, SB1070, to try to put some teeth into the issue we are struck down by activists and judges. What’s funny is that our law was nearly identical to a federal law that no one would enforce."

"I can hear it now, “Ankarlo supports profiling!” Nope. But I have always believed in good old logic and common sense—especially when it impacts something as important as our Sovereignty. When I think of all the brave men and women who have fought to protect it during our almost 250 years I am incensed by the people so willing to chuck it all under the guise of “we’re all immigrants.”"

Read this article and fill yourselves with knowledge.


16 October 2010

Faith and Works

From the Epistle of James, which was actually written by James, not to him (I mispoke at 3:44t ). In it the author says that faith without good works is useless, which seems contra to the teachings of Martin Luther. Actually, there's a lot in the Bible that seems contra to Luther, and I'm interested in discussing that with you all here today.

Atheists, Death, and the Meaning of Life

Alexander's Siege of Tyre

Religious, Spiritual, Mystical

Mike's Ontological Proof

14 October 2010

Theistic Science Fiction

I posted the following on UD, which despite its hostility toward certain issues and sometimes masquerading Christianity for ID does occasionally have some good science. It's in response to the question "why are so many atheists into science fiction?"

I’m a theistic science fiction witer, or to be more accurate I’m a theist who writes science fiction, among other things. There seems to be nothing intrinsically atheistic or theistic about science fiction that would lead me to see why one group would be more attracted to it over the other, if, indeed, that is the case, I don’t know. I suppose if I were to have to make a choice I would say that the allure of “science” or the air of “science,” what Ken Wilber calls “narrow science,” is appealing to atheists because it serves as an alternative to God and gives them a sense of authority. “Science” (hardcore materialism) has become the sort of gatekeeper of all that is real in the modern world, for various complicated reasons too many to go in to here. Without a belief in God (used as broadly or narrowly as you choose) one still has to believe in something, and that something might as well be “science” as the new world authority.

Moving on to the fiction part, well, humans are remarkable storytellers. Everything is a story, built up around facts. Facts in themselves are just pieces floating around waiting to be attached to a story that explains how they all fit together. For an atheist instead of writing about God why not write about the new authority, “science?”

Of course all this is speculation; the ramblings of a man with too much to say and too small an audience.


05 October 2010

More On Killing (Say It Fast)

Yet another highly disturbing video from out of the UK. Virginia Ironside from The Independent is interviewed on some show where she says that all good mothers would not even hesitate to murder their children if they were suffering. She also equates euthanasia (which is an interesting word as in Latin it means "beautiful death," although no one seems to equate it with beauty) to killing a few cells. Yes, if your child is suffering and there's no way to help them there's nothing to feel guilty about killing them, after all, your child is just a few cells and millions of cells die every day and morph into dust somehow, giving the people who manufacture mops something to do. By killing your child you're helping employ thousands of mop makers. Thanks Virgie, that makes me feel a lot better. To her credit, the interviewer did said that Virgie's statement was pretty horrible and sure to shock most people, while the other guest just stared speechless with her mouth on the floor.

Now the UK has people who advocate genocide and killing children who are suffering, and soon to be killing children and the elderly that are just inconvenient. Watch out, soon this absolute hatred of human life will spread to America too.

04 October 2010

10:10 Global Fascism

The fascist group 10:10 has a new spot out advocating genocide. They made a four minute "movie" in which anyone who disagrees with the complete and total hoax of global warming (hide the decline) deserves to be murdered with extreme prejudice while the worse than Al Qaeda murderers look on with the scariest grins on their face you have ever seen. At least Al Qaeda advocates murdering random people to get laid forever, 10:10 advocates flat out genocide.

An article on The Australian talks about a comment left on The Guardian that reads: "To suggest that people who disagree with you deserve to die is incredibly stupid. Imagine if some Christian group in the US did that to gays, Muslims or anyone else they disagree with. The outrage would be palpable. And deserved."

The fascist piece of shit organization released a statement that basically said that since everybody figured out global warming is a complete and total hoax (hide the decline) they had to get people to think about it more so they made a video where murdering peopel who disagree is laugh your ass off funny. Well excuse me for not thinking murdering people who disagree is funny. Excuse me for no finding the humour in the Holocaust. Excuse me for taking "never forget" seriously and not forgetting how you start slow by making people wear identifying clothing, then push them into ghettos, then force them onto camps, then finally truck them into ovens. Every genocide started out small then gradually built up people's tollerance to the growing inhumanity untill millions were being murdered while no one batted an eye.

Melanie Phillips writes on The Spectator about the creator of the ad:

I assumed that [Richard] Curtis was making the savage point that, beneath the veneer of principled and high-minded concern for the future of the planet, the advocates of man-made global warming theory were actually psychotic fanatics who cared so little about human beings, and were so determined to erase all dissent, that they would blow to bits anyone who disagreed. After all, that was the only conclusion that any normal, decent person could reach about such behaviour.

But no. It was not meant to be a satire against eco-fanatics at all. It was supposed to show them as principled opponents of all those displaying an inappropriate degree of apathy towards man-made global warming. So inappropriate they needed to be blown to kingdom come.

....The joke was only about blowing dissenters to bits and raining their flesh down on terrified people. Because exterminating human beings is acceptable to greens as a joke.

From which we can only assume at best indifference towards and at worst a profound loathing of the human condition. And if you think that’s an exaggeration, ask yourself if Curtis would ever have made a similarly playful satirical point by showing winsome furry animals being repeatedly blown to bits. Unthinkable. But exploding global warming sceptics? Hahahahaha!!

Fuck you, 10:10. Fuck you Richard Curtis. Fuck you very much.