01 November 2010

Great Winter of 2010

During my meditation last night I had a precognitive experience that later proved true (ten minutes later to be exact). This got me thinking about a topic I have wanted to post for a while but never got around to. I had two powerful precogs in February 2006, around the time many miracles were happening and I got involved on the path of the mystics. The first one, 24 February, came to me in hypnonogogic sleep. I saw two men attacking an oil refinery in a desert and on that same day there was just such an attack in Saudi Arabia. At the time I posted it on the original Urban Mystic (now taken down). On 22 February I had another experience that hasn't come true yet, but the time it described is rapidly approaching.

(From my notes) I was reading a book when I saw the Morph strongly on its pages. It was like water sheeting down from the top of the book to the bottom. After a few seconds I felt compelled to close my eyes. Scrolling across from right to left were newspaper headlines. I don't remember the first one but the second one read: "CERN, Great Winter of 2010." What follows is a bit sketchy but it was something like "Discovery - Soul."

What I take from this is at least two things.

1. There will be a big story out of CERN in the Winter of 2010 (December), possibly an important discovery.
2. The Winter will be very bad, so bad in fact it will be called the "Great Winter of 2010."

It's also possible that there's some important discovery regarding the existence of the soul or survival of consciousness. I know there's that AWARE study going on; maybe the results are going to be really good.


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