24 December 2010

If You Just Properly Inflate Your Tires...

According to a new Exxon Mobil advertisment, if everyone in America properly inflated their tires we would save 700 million gallons of gasoline per year. The president had a similar argument in 2008 that if everyone would just properly inflate their tires we would never have to drill for oil. I did some quick searching to the Bureau of Transit Statistics and the Department of Energy and after some calculations discovered that 700 million gallons of gasoline divided among every gasoline powered vehicle in America ammounts to just over 3 gallons per vehicle per year, or $9.24 per vehicle per year. That's just over $2 Billion total saved. This hardly seems like something to brag about, so I suggest it is propaganda. While our oil rights are sold to other countries who stands to benefit from the United States tied down by foreign oil debt?

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