22 February 2010

The Great Wall of Solomon

Remember from an earlier post that biblical verses were discovered on tenth century pottery, casting sharp doubt on the documentary hypothesis? Well this just in from AP, a section of wall was found running 70 meters just outside of Jerusalem's Old City along with a gate house. Dating from the tenth century as well, providing good evidence that there existed a strong, centralized government in Jerusalem at the time capable of such monumental construction. There are some nay-sayers who say this is no evidence at all, mostly because they either don't want the Bible to be true or because they don't want the Jewish presence in the holy land to be true to perpetuate the myth of a single ethnic group known as the Palestinians who lived in the area always. Both sides present their case in the AP article, which is very short and does not use any big words like hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. Is this a remnant of the city built by Solomon? I'm excited to find out.


War and Religion

I was asked to comment on the notion that war causes religion. Such a task is too great for any ordinary mortal and possibly even Evel Knievel, and so I decided to look at the first crusade and the war on terror, thinking that if I could show they were not caused by religion than the strongest case for the argument that religion causes war would be defeated. Here is ten minutes of musings on the relation of religion and warfare (cut down from twenty minutes).