12 March 2010

The Randy Prize

6 June 2008

Here is a very good and lengthy article about the Randi million dollar prize and how it's a scam. Scientists don't take the prize seriously. Many people who have tried to apply for the prize have been ignored by Randi. Estimates for the cost of winning the prize (applicants must pay all expenses) exceed the million dollars in prize money, meaning you'll have to lose potentially millions to win Randi's million dollars. Even fellow magicians criticize his prize:

"According to paranormal investigator Loyd Auerbach (who, like Randi, is a member of the magic fraternity): "The suggestion that ending the Challenge after 10 years supports any statement that psi does not exist or someone would have won the challenge, is absurd on many levels. "The procedures for the Challenge included several hurdles in favor of, and multiple "outs" for Randi and the JREF that any discerning individual capable of any kind of extraordinary human performance would think twice about (and here I'm not just referring to psychics and the like)."

Randi lies like a Persian rug about everything and anything in regard to the challenge, for example Gary Schwartz recalls:

"James Randi has a history of engaging in the twisting of the truth...Randi's recommendation of Dr. Krippner was certainly acceptable to me. However, when I contacted Dr. Krippner directly to see if Mr. Randi’s statement about him serving on the panel was correct, Dr. Krippner was concerned. Dr. Krippner explained that he had previously emailed Mr. Randi stating that he would not agree to serve on such a committee. The truth is, Dr. Krippner was not willing to serve on the panel, and he made this clear to Mr. Randi."

Richard "Dick to the Dawk to the PhD" Dawkins warned the not so amazing Randi that there are a number of paranormal phenomena that may become recognized by science soon and this could jepordize his reputation as the gatekeeper of what is science and what is quackery (in The Amazing Meeting #3). Surprise, surprise Randi is discontinuing his challenge in 2010, perhaps on the eve of some psi phenomena like the Ganzfeld telepathy experiments being vindicated?

Why, even on the video "The Case of ESP" some skep-dick brought up the Randi prize as a weak retort to the video, which neither set out to make a positive statement about Randi, his prize, or Psi for that matter; the comment was promptly deleted. There's enough hate and filth on the internet already. In case you are curious, the video was intended only to point out that a particular skep-dick willfully lied when trying to debunk Charles Tart and his associates as SRI. If you watch the video you can notice where I point out first a conscious lie followed by a completely irrelevant comment designed to distract people from the real crux of the issues at hand.