10 May 2010

Prahlad Jani Strikes Back

An article from the UK Daily Telegraph by Dean Nelson reports of a new study on Prahlad Jani - an 82 year old fakir who claims to have eaten or drunk nothing in 70 years. You might recall in 2003, Dr. Sudhir Shah at the Sterling Hospital in Ahmedabad kept Prahlad Jani in a locked room for ten days under which time he was made sure he ate or drunk nothing. Now India's Defense Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences is conducting another study to discover ways people in disasters and soldiers on the battle field can survive longer without food. As of 28 April he had been under observation for six days without any adverse effects. The study was expected to continue for 15 days (concluding 7 May, which has passed). I have not yet seen the results of the study and will keep you informed. -Dee