08 July 2010

8 July 1947

A day that will live in infamy. No, not that day. On this day in 1947 the US Army Aircorps published a press release announcing they had recovered a "flying saucer" at Roswell, New Mexico. Hours later they retracted their statement, claiming it was only a weather balloon. Over the years the US government has come up with four "official" stories of what crashed at Roswell, each supposedly debunking the previous one. This alone is proof the government is hiding something, if they keep admitting they were lying and come out with a new "official" story of what crashed. It was a MOGUL balloon, of which many crashed and ranchers regularly called the Roswell air base to come and pick up, but this time it was different somehow and the ranchers thought this particular balloon was a flying saucer. Next, the three alien pilots who crashed, one of whom was still alive and moving around, were said not to be 4 foot tall aliens, but 7 foot tall plastic crash dummies which wouldn't be used until several years after the Roswell crash (after 1951), so I guess the Army Aircorps was testing a time machine. I'm waiting for the fifth "official" story, just to see how stupid the government thinks we are. As more and more countries begin releasing at least some of their formerly classified UFO files I'm left to wonder when the United States will follow suite. Maybe not full disclosure, but at least admit you're hiding something. We're not fools, even if we tend to act like fools to get attention.