28 September 2010

Science News 28 September 2010

The UN has appointed an ambassador to greet alien visitors. Now when ET comes asking to be taken to our leader they won't be directed to some star chamber meeting room where the Bilderbergers are discussing the future of world politics, they'll be taken to see astrophysicist Malzan Othman. The propaganda machine at the other wiki says the story is fake. Who am I going to believe, them or the Daily Telegraph? That's not a tough choice.

In other news, Jimi Heselden, the inventor of the Segway, died. He accidentally drove one of his devices off a cliff. I never thought those things were very safe, or practical, or didn't look completely stupid. What more proof do people need that these things are a bad idea? (Corrected 30 September. I put the wrong name for the Segway inventor.)