04 October 2010

10:10 Global Fascism

The fascist group 10:10 has a new spot out advocating genocide. They made a four minute "movie" in which anyone who disagrees with the complete and total hoax of global warming (hide the decline) deserves to be murdered with extreme prejudice while the worse than Al Qaeda murderers look on with the scariest grins on their face you have ever seen. At least Al Qaeda advocates murdering random people to get laid forever, 10:10 advocates flat out genocide.

An article on The Australian talks about a comment left on The Guardian that reads: "To suggest that people who disagree with you deserve to die is incredibly stupid. Imagine if some Christian group in the US did that to gays, Muslims or anyone else they disagree with. The outrage would be palpable. And deserved."

The fascist piece of shit organization released a statement that basically said that since everybody figured out global warming is a complete and total hoax (hide the decline) they had to get people to think about it more so they made a video where murdering peopel who disagree is laugh your ass off funny. Well excuse me for not thinking murdering people who disagree is funny. Excuse me for no finding the humour in the Holocaust. Excuse me for taking "never forget" seriously and not forgetting how you start slow by making people wear identifying clothing, then push them into ghettos, then force them onto camps, then finally truck them into ovens. Every genocide started out small then gradually built up people's tollerance to the growing inhumanity untill millions were being murdered while no one batted an eye.

Melanie Phillips writes on The Spectator about the creator of the ad:

I assumed that [Richard] Curtis was making the savage point that, beneath the veneer of principled and high-minded concern for the future of the planet, the advocates of man-made global warming theory were actually psychotic fanatics who cared so little about human beings, and were so determined to erase all dissent, that they would blow to bits anyone who disagreed. After all, that was the only conclusion that any normal, decent person could reach about such behaviour.

But no. It was not meant to be a satire against eco-fanatics at all. It was supposed to show them as principled opponents of all those displaying an inappropriate degree of apathy towards man-made global warming. So inappropriate they needed to be blown to kingdom come.

....The joke was only about blowing dissenters to bits and raining their flesh down on terrified people. Because exterminating human beings is acceptable to greens as a joke.

From which we can only assume at best indifference towards and at worst a profound loathing of the human condition. And if you think that’s an exaggeration, ask yourself if Curtis would ever have made a similarly playful satirical point by showing winsome furry animals being repeatedly blown to bits. Unthinkable. But exploding global warming sceptics? Hahahahaha!!

Fuck you, 10:10. Fuck you Richard Curtis. Fuck you very much.