05 October 2010

More On Killing (Say It Fast)

Yet another highly disturbing video from out of the UK. Virginia Ironside from The Independent is interviewed on some show where she says that all good mothers would not even hesitate to murder their children if they were suffering. She also equates euthanasia (which is an interesting word as in Latin it means "beautiful death," although no one seems to equate it with beauty) to killing a few cells. Yes, if your child is suffering and there's no way to help them there's nothing to feel guilty about killing them, after all, your child is just a few cells and millions of cells die every day and morph into dust somehow, giving the people who manufacture mops something to do. By killing your child you're helping employ thousands of mop makers. Thanks Virgie, that makes me feel a lot better. To her credit, the interviewer did said that Virgie's statement was pretty horrible and sure to shock most people, while the other guest just stared speechless with her mouth on the floor.

Now the UK has people who advocate genocide and killing children who are suffering, and soon to be killing children and the elderly that are just inconvenient. Watch out, soon this absolute hatred of human life will spread to America too.