18 October 2010

Arizona... That's What She Said!

Darrell Ankarlo writes about the illegals situation in Arizona. Let me tell you about Arizona. If you think it's hot in Texas, or, I don't know, the sun, then maybe you should go to Arizona to find out what hot really is. And Phoenix? It sits in a bowl covered by an inversion layer so all the pollution collects there and turns the air into soup. And to make matters worse, millions of people are flooding in to Arizona illegally, demonstrating that where they come from must be located in downtown Hell (< and that's just the front door).

A large part of his article is about the Arizona law, or "lo" as the Mexican president called it several times on television that week he decided to visit to demonstrate before the world that he's a hypocrite. On live television, before the nation and the world, the Mexican president admitted that police in Mexico engage in profiling to get rid of illegal immigrants, that legal immigrants can be kicked out at any time, and for no reason, have to be skilled and educated, and can't own any good property, and yet Arizona's "lo" is evil and racist for being a thousand times less draconian than the immigration "lo's" in Mexico! Can you say "liberal racist?" No, can you say "scared shitless by drug cartells running the country?" Here are a few choice bits from the article:

"Okay, now that I’m finished with entry level history may I ask bleeding hearts what they don’t understand about the word “Illegal?” If you have six people in your family and I barge into your home and demand to be the seventh none of you would tolerate it. Currently, millions of people from 52 nations have barged into our American family and demanded to stay with the majority of them stealing our jobs, killing our hospitals and corrupting our laws. Now is either the time to roll over, play dead and let the victor take the spoils or it’s time to resist the invasion."

"So, when we create yet another law, SB1070, to try to put some teeth into the issue we are struck down by activists and judges. What’s funny is that our law was nearly identical to a federal law that no one would enforce."

"I can hear it now, “Ankarlo supports profiling!” Nope. But I have always believed in good old logic and common sense—especially when it impacts something as important as our Sovereignty. When I think of all the brave men and women who have fought to protect it during our almost 250 years I am incensed by the people so willing to chuck it all under the guise of “we’re all immigrants.”"

Read this article and fill yourselves with knowledge.