09 November 2010

The Biggest Scam In The Whole Wide World

The vjtorley article on UD segues into how the multiverse and creationism has something to do with global warming, oops, can't call it that anymore since, well, the globe hasn't warmed since 1998. They're calling it climate change now. Either way, according to Richard Sandor, head of the Chicago Climate Exchange, it's a ten trillion dollar a year industry for carbon offset businesses ($10,000,000,000,000, or 15 times the US defense budget, 73% of the National Debt, or 70% of THE TOTAL US GDP!).

I hadn't finished reading the article, or even finished writing about it when I knew I had to do something about the Chicago Climate Exchange scam, what I have dubbed, "The Biggest Scam in the Whole Wide World." Goldman Sachs owns 50% of the CCX. Yes, that Goldman Sachs, that sold the shitty deals that destroyed the world economy. Who also owns CCX? Algore! Who would have guessed? The man who has been selling the idea of global, oops, climate change since 2000 and even won the Nobel Prize for making a fucking slide show, instead of Irena Sendler, who saved thousands of children from Nazi death camps, stands to profit enormously from crap and tax legislation! What a coincidence! Here's two videos in a series in which this whole thing is unraveled.

Why The Multiverse Is A Disaster For Atheists

Vjtorley, UD contributor, has written an enormous thing about an article that explains how it is consistant to be a young earth creationist and still have millions of years old stars. In it he says that invoking a multiverse, a scenario in which there are an infinite number of "universes" in which everything that can happen does happen, does not disprove the existence of God. The number of universes where everything was created in 6,000 years is infinitely greater than the number of 13.7 billion year old universes. When you're dealing with infinities, the number of nonparsimonious universes is infinitely larger than the number of parsimonious universes, so the likely hood that we inhabit a nonparsimonious universe, like say one that's 6,000 years old yet has seemingly billion year old stars, is infinitely greater than the likelihood we inhabit a parsimonious universe. When you deal with infinities you have to throw parsimony out the window. Also, having a multiverse that's been around for 6,000 years yet still has infinitely many universes that were all created 6,000 years ago still has that pesky infinity problem to get around.

The whole UD piece is monstrously long and involves many more points than I could possibly add to this summary, so I'll just skip to the end: "I conclude that a skeptic who wishes to deny the reality of God by positing a multiverse containing an infinite number of universes is engaging in scientific and intellectual suicide. Such a skeptic no longer has a reason to believe in a 13.7 billion-year-old universe which unfolded in an orderly fashion, without any changes in either the laws of Nature or the constants of Nature. Indeed, the multiverse destroys the skeptic’s arguments against a 6,000-year-old universe. And finally, the multiverse fails to rule out God anyway – for you could always say that God created it." (bold and italics in original)