17 November 2010

More On Climate Change (Say It Fast)

Here are a couple of more links from the pit of perpetual ignorance that is the list of stories I have to get through and report on here. The first one provides a lovely graph created by Cliff Harris and Randy Mann (no relation to Michael Mann of "hide the decline" fame). The graph clearly demonstrates three facts: 1, that global temperatures have been decreasing since 1998, 2, that there have been at least two periods in the past 4500 years where the global temperature was significantly higher than today, and 3, that global temperature seems to be following a regular hot/cold cycle (it appears to be roughly 1000 years). The graph will be posted at the bottom to save space.

The second site talks about the cooling trend as well, and mentions that because climate stations that were once in fields are now on tarmacs and near heat vents of course temperatures will appear to have gone up, even though when you compensate for the piss poor placement of the stations the decline is obvious.

The story goes on to detail the possibility of a coming ice age, since there is a cooling trend going on right now, and since ice ages tend to occur every 11,500 years and the last one did end 12,000 years ago, and the fact that several glaciers are growing at an incredible rate (in Argentina and Antarctica, especially).