21 November 2010

A House of Cards Built in Midair

The pseudoscience of psychiatry is practically the seventh topic I investigate, though I rarely say anything, except to the radio. Every time someone on the radio tries to sell drugs, or the "central dogma" of psychiatry, that mental disorder = brain disorder and that chemical imbalances in the brain are the cause instead of the effect blood shoots out of my eyes and I start yelling at the radio. I have admonished friends to throw their drugs away and stop listening to these quacks who want to steal their money and ruin their lives. Psychiatry is a complete fraud, fueled by drug companies, and is a $2 trillion a year industry. Psychiatry is not based on science and has, to date, never cured a single person, although it has killed millions. Psychiatry is based on voting and concensus, which is the complet opposite of real science, which is based on gathering evidence and testing hypotheses (sound familiar? Climate change (hide the decline) is also based on concensus). Here are four videos where psychiatrists break the bond of silence and reveal the lies of psychiatry.