17 January 2011

Hitler Again

One of the earliest stories I wrote was called "Hitler Again" about a man who used genetically modified slaves to turn the moon into a giant cannon to kill millions of people and conquer the world. Later, I learned how Hitler wasn't unique. There have been many tyrants who murdered tens of millions of people throughout history. Mao starved 60 million of his own people to death because he thought they would rather have steel mills they didn't know how to use instead of farms. Stalin killed 40 million of his own people building an evil empire, 20 million to defeat Hitler, and 2 million Ukranians when he surrounded their country and tried to starve all Ukranians to death because he thought they were ethnically inferior (but we don't hear about that). Timur killed 14 million people during his quest to conquer the world, claiming to be sent from God but murdering millions of fellow Muslims who happened to belong to the wrong sect, and Hindus he felt were heathens. He wanted to kill millions of heathens, and sought guidance on whether he should slaughter all of India or all of China, and India was closer.

It's bad enough we don't hear about historic killers, instead being told that communism is great and capitalism is evil and exploitative. Another tragedy of propaganda is the murder of tens of millions of people who have not been born because lies are told that they aren't people and that it's about women's choice. If it's about women's choice where is then, logically, only males can be aborted indiscriminantly, because they have no choice. If it's about women's choice why is it that most of the people who oppose abortion are woman and most of the people who support it are men? Why is it that rich white men stand the most to benefit, all multi-millionaires who don't give a damn about women, just themselves? Why is it that the list of people waiting to adopt grows by the thousands every year, yet those in power say abortion is the only option?

Gianna Jessen survived abortion and is an outspoken critic, pointing out the lies and hypocrisy. Don't believe what the powers that be tell you. Don't believe what I tell you. Listen to first-hand testimony of someone who knows the truth about abortion from direct experience and then find out for yourselves.

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