22 April 2011

The Miracle of Pure Love

I just got finished watching a 45 minute video from Radio Sai called "The Miracle of Pure Love" detailing Sri Sai Baba's charity work over the past several decades. I and many others are very concerned over Swami's health, which is very bad. He is in the hands of the best doctors available, in the hospital he built two decades ago this November.

The two Super Speciality Hospitals provide medical care completely free of charge to millions. According to the video during the last fiscal year the two hospitals provided three billion Rupees of medical care free of charge ($67.7 million or £41 million). My question is, where does all that money come from? That's a crap load of money, and as far as I can tell it all comes from donations, from the government (electricity is provided for free), from computer and medical equipment companies, and devotees all over the world.

Coupled with the university, the water projects, and numerous other endevours, how could anyone NOT like Baba? How could someone like Robert Priddy become a vicious, hate-filled man when he found out his "die-mind" ring was a zircon? How could former devotees come out with phony, unsubstantiated charges against Swami? Where does the hate come from against someone who has done so much good to so many millions of people? It doesn't matter whether you believe in Swami or not, he's done more good than all of his critics combined, and that alone is worthy of admiration. There are times I just don't understand the world, or maybe I don't want to understand it. It's times like this that we need Swami more than ever.


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- A Baba Bhakt said...

I totally agree with you Dee, Its such a shame as how people try to gain popularity at the expense of someone else. Even if anyone believes Baba is god or not, no one way disregard the amount of welfare he has done for the society. Many "Magicians" and other fame/money seeking individuals have made comments about exposing Baba's tricks of his hand, But other than trying to expose his so called "tricks", noone has been able to explain his other miracles like vibhuti churning from his photos, astral projection even on inspection of the items...
Also it makes me angry about how they keep commenting on how much his assets are worth, they are hardly investments.. they are cost bearing projects with no revenue like his free hospital, university, etc etc.. they just evaluated the market price of land and the cost of the buildings and came up to this number ... not considering these assets are not for sale .. but made by Baba for the welfare of people.

There has been no famous person in this world who has been free of the sting of opportunity seeking people, no matter how much they have done for the society be it Gandhi, Michael Jackson, Jesus Christ etc. For someone who had 30 million followers, there must have been some sense at least some of those to believe in Baba. So we should just disregard and ignore those few 20 odd people who by dis wading people have other intentions.

Its a big big shame how people disregard the amount of work and good Baba has done and simply try and evaluate things in terms of material reality.