29 October 2011

Integral Politics II

Remember Integral Politics and the promise of Integral Politics II that eventually morphed into Why Study History? Two days ago I shot 31 minutes of video that could be called the sequel to Integral Politics. In 9 sections I look at the Left/Right dichotomy, the foresight of the founders, libertarians, why communism never works, what can be learned from listening to different perspectives, and political movements and how they are coopted. Divided into three parts.

Part One
Left & Right & Everything Inbetween
Why Communism Doesn't Work
  Other Wiki's Page on Plymouth
  Hub Page on Plymouth
Equally Wrong Equally Right?
As Much Government as is Necessary
  In case you're wondering "the others" after Voltaire is Jean Jacques Rousseau, who had at least four illigitimate children.

Part Two
Changing Social Identities
  The two functions of religion: "legitimacy" and "authenticity." The legitimacy that religion provides "has historically been the single greatest "social glue" that any culture has." From Ken Wilber's"Spirituality that Transforms"originally published in What Is Enlightenment? magazine.
  "It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity."
  It's not known if Einstein actually said this or not. Apocryphal though it may be, the sentiment is accurate.
Declining Religion & Handouts
  Religious people are more charitable than secular people, including giving to non-religious charities.
  From the Hoover Institute, 2003: Religious people are 25 percentage points more likely than secularists to donate money and 23 points more likely to volunteer time.
  Psychology Today, 2009

Part Three
Less Government = More People Helped?
The Genius of the Founders
  Medical uses for marijuana (cannabis)
Tea Parties and Occupy Wherever
  Student loan debt from USA Today

26 October 2011

This Is A Story About A Whale

Darwinists say that the whale is the best example of evolution in action. The whale started out as a bear, or cat, or hyena, or hippo, depending on who you ask. Over time fossils were found and the people who run the museums drew flippers and flukes where none were discovered, and added arrows that were never found to demonstrate how whales evolved from creatures that are now acknowledged to not be whale ancestors. This makes you think, if the whale is the BEST example of evolution how did the idea ever get off the drawing board and into the outdated highschool text books?

Video runs 9 min.

Whale Evolution vs. The Actual Fossil Evidence from Philip Cunningham on Vimeo.

23 October 2011

Why Dawkins Doesn't Debate Craig

Dick-to-the-Dawk-to-the-PhD won't debate William Lane Craig because he's scared there's a huge likelihood that he'll lose, but instead makes up fake reasons like: "I'll only debate members of the Church establishment and not professional debaters," and "Craig believes in genocide because he's a Christian." Other atheists are calling Dawk out on being a pussy. This guy (don't know who) posted two videos showing Craig destroy Dawk's fellow nay-theists Peter Atkins and Sam Harris with the remark "I think the real reason for Dawkins’s refusal to debate Craig is plain enough to see."

Here are the videos below:



19 October 2011

The Pussification of America

George Carlin did a routine on what he called "the pussification of America," a condition brought on by too much politically correct BS. I got to thinking in the shower, where I do most of my thinking. It started with the obvious paradox: nearly everyone in the country is on some diet all of the time and is more "health-conscious" than ever, yet a full third of all our citizens are obese. Never have I seen this many fat people in my life, and this is in spite of the fact that no one is allowed to eat salt or trans fats, or carbs, or meat, or whole milk. How the hell are they getting that fat then? Do people assume that since food is now low fat that they can eat ten times more?

This reminded me of something in the book Generation Kill. One of the Marines was a Mexican who liked to go off about how he disliked white people even though all his friends were white. He made a good point when he said that being poor in America was different than being poor elsewhere. Poor people in America have a house, or at least an apartment, a car or two, plasma TV, high-speed Internet, iPhone, iPod, i-whatever else, HD digital camera, etc. Also, poor people in America are obese. Poor people elsewhere are walking skeletons, like in Ethiopia on those Feed the Children commercials, but poor people in America are obese! How does that happen?

When you think about it, for 99% of human history only the tippity top of society could afford to get obese; less than 1%. The poorest people in America are obese, which puts them at the top richest 1% of all people in all of human history. Think about this: Louis XIV of France, the God-Emperor of all the world who built the largest palace on the continent and bathed in champaign and dressed in solid gold never used a toilet. His entire life, Louis XIV, the richest, most powerful man in all of Europe never used a toilet. He had to shit in a box and have someone dump it out a window. Louis XIV didn't have refrigiration in the summer, he didn't have heat in the winter, he didn't have a cure for measles. He had no electricity or motor vehicles. He had no means of keeping famine or war or plague from devastating his country. Louis XIV, the absolute ruler over millions, didn't live as well as poor people do in 21st Century America!

In spite of all this, the pussies at Occupy Wall Street* are still complaining! They claim to be the voice of the 99% against the top 1%, yet they are the top 1%! The people occupying Wall Street are among the top 1% of richest people in all of human history! They got used to getting a free ride from their bottomless mommy-government and when the tap got turned down slightly they started throwing a tantrum. They all have iPhones and iPads and HD digital cameras. They all have adequate nutrition (weren't they eating smoked salmon in their tents?). They have one of the best sanitation systems in human history, no threat of war now that there's an all volunteer military defending a nation protected on two sides by oceans. They have the best healthcare system on the planet, the one responsible for every last major medical advancement in the past thirty years. Think about it. The OWS pussies have it better than my ancestors did when they came to this country 100 years ago to escape being peasant farmers in Italy. There's child labour laws, civil rights, gay rights, womens' rights, free education till your 18th birthday, food stamps so poor people don't go hungry, indoor flush toilets, vaccines that save millions of children from previously fatal diseases that have vanished in the Western world. Hundreds of pages can be written about all the blessings these pussies have and only a couple on the troubles they face, yet they still are not satisfied! The selfishness of these people, shitting in police cars, mating under tarps, trying to keep a third of all employed New Yorkers from working**, assaulting the police to provoke retaliation and win sympathy like wife-beater Rodney King. The selfishness of the OWS pussies is disgusting.

*A group of activists believing that by yelling loudly enough some slogans they don't fully understand about some economic concepts they don't even begin to comprehend, they can change an economic situation they don't really like into a better one that they haven't quite defined yet.

**A third of all people in NYC are employed in some fashion by Wall Street.

18 October 2011

An Incident at a McDonalds

Okay, there's some harpy shouting "STOP!" throughout the video, but ignore her.

Basically a very rowdy customer (a colossal bitch) berrated a McDonalds' cashier for some minor mistake, hit him, jumped the counter and he ran. He returns with a whup-ass stick (it looks like a crowbar) and does something to her her parents forgot to do. Her bitch friend jumps the counter too and she gets what's coming as well. Absolutely, the man was defending himself and the customers got what they deserved. Cashiers take way too much shit from way too many assaholic customers as is. These two bitches went too far and the cashier went Michael Douglass in Falling Down on their asses. Of course the cashier was charged with felony assault. REGARDLESS of his background (he did kill someone once and paid his debt) his actions were self-defense and completely justified. Guaran-damn-tee if the two customers were MEN this wouldn't even be a news story, but because they were women and we live in a gynocracy the big bad man has to be punished. Boo hoo, call the wambulance. Watch the video below and see the whacks of justice being delivered in the name of every cashier who is abused by customers.

15 October 2011

Zombie Muhammad

Atheists attending a Halloween parade in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania* encountered trouble from the religion of "peace" (actually it's "piece" as in what they cut you up into if you piss them off, but it's a homophone and often gets misspelled). An atheist dressed as zombie Muhammad was harassed then brutally attacked by one or more peace-loving Muslims who wanted to kill him for being an infidel. It should be noted that none of the evil, Zionist, great Satan Catholics standing around attacked the atheist dressed as the zombie Pope who was looking for little boys to rape, just the peace-loving Muslims. Only two atheists actually attended the parade, which technically makes this the second smallest parade ever (Miles Gloriosus IS a parade, and he's just one guy!). I guess atheists (or Pennsylvanians?) don't like Halloween, which is cool; I don't care for it much either. It's like the welfare holiday.

Let me school you on the First Ammendment. This is America, not Persia where homosexuals are murdered, not Saudi Arabia where it is illegal for anyone who is not a Muslim to be a citizen of the country. America is a secular nation with secular laws that say: "you do not have the right to not be offended." If you don't like that, go fuck yourself. You don't have the right to replace US law with Sharia law.

Below is the video of the event.

*The place vampires come from.

09 October 2011

7 Billion People Part Two

Robert Kunzig writing for National Geographic has put out a decent article on the approaching birth of human number 7 billion. Decent because, while it says that poverty is the real problem, not population, and that Malthusian alarmism is nuts, it does toe the party line on globa-oops! "Climate Change" (hide the decline)*. The article is two pages (there's a little "continue" button at the bottom). Some gems include:

"THE ANNUAL meeting of the Population Association of America (PAA) is one of the premier gatherings of the world’s demographers. Last April the global population explosion was not on the agenda. “The problem has become a bit passĂ©,” HervĂ© Le Bras says. Demographers are generally confident that by the second half of this century we will be ending one unique era in history—the population explosion—and entering another, in which population will level out or even fall.

But will there be too many of us? At the PAA meeting, in the Dallas Hyatt Regency, I learned that the current population of the planet could fit into the state of Texas, if Texas were settled as densely as New York City. The comparison made me start thinking like Leeuwenhoek. If in 2045 there are nine billion people living on the six habitable continents, the world population density will be a little more than half that of France today. France is not usually considered a hellish place. Will the world be hellish then? "


"But one can also draw a different conclusion—that fixating on population numbers is not the best way to confront the future. People packed into slums need help, but the problem that needs solving is poverty and lack of infrastructure, not overpopulation. Giving every woman access to family planning services is a good idea—“the one strategy that can make the biggest difference to women’s lives,” Chandra calls it. But the most aggressive population control program imaginable will not save Bangladesh from sea level rise, Rwanda from another genocide, or all of us from our enormous environmental problems."

*Because the earth hasn't warmed since 1998. In fact, the global temperature has decreased, markedly, since then. More than half of the climate stations in Siberia had to be ignored because they showed cooling, not warming, while climate stations on airport tarmacs and near heat exhaust vents were given "Mike's Nature Trick" to make it look like the earth was heating up. Seriously, after Climategate, if you still believe that humans are changing the climate you're a fucking retard, in plain English.

08 October 2011

Freedom of Smoking

Have you noticed that, for several years, the government has been trying to take away our freedom of smoking? Just because I elect not to exercise this, I'm going to call it a privilege, that does not mean that I am not still irked by the grotesque actions the government is taking with regard to smoking. Cigarette prices grow ever higher - twice, or more, the price of a gallon of gasoline, a far larger quantity of a far more useful commodity. Where before smoking was permitted everywhere, the non-smokers relegated to some paltry, isolated, ill-fashioned areas, now the roles have been reversed. That is not to say I am not happy with the new arrangements at resturants. Putting the non-smoking section in the back, accessible only through the smoking section, seemed to defeat the purpose of having separate sections at all. I'm glad, thrilled even, that I no longer come home having to shower and wash my clothes, but couldn't they just switch the locations and relegate the smokers to the oft forgotten back room, away from the entertainment and exits?

I'm glad for the waiters, already a thankless profession (ruined by Starbucks - whose coffee tastes foul, I might add, and is rather pricey - who ask for tips for their "baristas" when I could just as easily pour my own; now with everyone expecting a gratuity the gesture has forever lost its meaning, a gift for exceptional service, and has become just another bill), who no longer have to breathe the foul clouds of their patrons every day. Still, glad as I may be, this never was about me but about all of us. The problems I had were not with smoking but with courtesy and that is something that cannot be legislated.

You can't smoke in bars, you can't smoke in parks, you can't smoke in cars if children are present - a caveat some try to push on smoking in your own home! More and more there are fewer and fewer places to light up these ever more expensive things. Campaigns are being waged to replace the Surgeon General's warnings (the Surgeon General is technically an admiral) with pictures of dead people. Not just dead people, but putrid, puss oozing, zombie-like dead people, to scare consumers away from cigarettes. I'm pretty sure most smokers know the risks involved with their passtime; you don't have to rub it in.

Some people want to smoke. Some people never have any serious health effects from years of lighting up. Their habit hurts no one and benefits the government millions of dollars in taxes. Why work so hard to kill the golden goose? Why shift from one extreme of everywhere unlimited smoking to the other extreme of no smoking anywhere? Why not, as the Buddha would say, persue the middle way? A way of common sense, common courtesy, and maturity with regard to smoking? $8 per pack is bad enough. Can we at least stop pushing tax payers who already have nowhere to go by letting them enjoy their tax paying hobby without bankrupting them? Can't we have just a little more freedom of smoking?

05 October 2011

7 Billion People

The Earth's population will soon reach seven billion, but that really means the population growth rate is slowing.