15 October 2011

Zombie Muhammad

Atheists attending a Halloween parade in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania* encountered trouble from the religion of "peace" (actually it's "piece" as in what they cut you up into if you piss them off, but it's a homophone and often gets misspelled). An atheist dressed as zombie Muhammad was harassed then brutally attacked by one or more peace-loving Muslims who wanted to kill him for being an infidel. It should be noted that none of the evil, Zionist, great Satan Catholics standing around attacked the atheist dressed as the zombie Pope who was looking for little boys to rape, just the peace-loving Muslims. Only two atheists actually attended the parade, which technically makes this the second smallest parade ever (Miles Gloriosus IS a parade, and he's just one guy!). I guess atheists (or Pennsylvanians?) don't like Halloween, which is cool; I don't care for it much either. It's like the welfare holiday.

Let me school you on the First Ammendment. This is America, not Persia where homosexuals are murdered, not Saudi Arabia where it is illegal for anyone who is not a Muslim to be a citizen of the country. America is a secular nation with secular laws that say: "you do not have the right to not be offended." If you don't like that, go fuck yourself. You don't have the right to replace US law with Sharia law.

Below is the video of the event.

*The place vampires come from.

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