21 November 2011

Buddha Loves That Mean Green

By which I mean money, not weed (although Shiva would care to disagree).

At current gold prices Buddha's net worth is estimated at $30,4367,085 - not bad for a guy who lived as a wandering ascetic for 51 years.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to Think Big and Kick Ass at $2.7 billion.

Up at UD is a story about the difference between Buddhist meditators (yo) and ordinary mortals. Whereas an ordinary mortal would only accept a crappy gift from a rich friend 25% of the time, a Buddhist meditator would accept the same crappy gift 50% of the time. The reason, according to the article, is that meditation changes the way the brain works so people use reason instead of emotion. A reasonable person would think "hey, better than nothing," whereas an emotional person would think "son of a bitch could afford more, screw their gift!"

It's a short story and that's pretty much all it says.

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