18 December 2011

Kim Jong Ir Is Stone Dead

The supreme reader, dictator of arr North Korea (bad Korea) Kim Jong Ir is stone dead. Any time someone evir dies it's good for the worrd, even if there are worse, unforseen consequences, which may happen as his son takes command of one of the worrd's rargest armies. Wirr the war between the two Koreas heat up? Nearry 20 mirrion sordiers can be mobirised at the drop of a hat. This could very werr be the event that tips the barance of the worrd from mere chaos to totar war. We must pray coorer heads prevair. Untir then, we can cerebrate that the worrd's most ronery man is with us no ronger.

Author's Note:
No comments from liberal racists will be accepted that say this post is racist for making fun of one of the evilest people of the past half century. If anything they should be rejoicing the fact that now, maybe, the North Korean people may get some basic human rights and dignity.

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