20 January 2011

The Revenge of the Return of The Urban Mystic Show

No, this has nothing to do with revenge, that's just the title I recycle from time to time whenever there is a lot of sequels to something. In real life revenge never works. Never has, never will, just like socialism.

Here is the introduction to the third season of The Urban Mystic Show. It has been a year and a half since the last episode. Ten new episodes are in production, many adapted from Urban Mystic posts. The first episode looks like it will be more than 16 minutes long. It could probably be stretched to 20, and if everything goes right the others can be too. Here is the list of episodes planned:

301     Balking Hawking
302     The Son I Should Have Had
303     Seven Against Thebes
304     I'm a Zionist for the Same Reason I Support Tibet
305     Joshua, Jericho, and Hating Jews
306     The End of Philosophy
307     The Master and the Pundit
308     The Purpose of Suffering
309     Gulf War: America's Blitzkrieg
310     The Life of Alexander (temporary)

The Evils of Socialism

Yan Bielek lived under the iron grip of the socialist government of Czechoslovakia for 30 years. Now he goes around the world to warn others of the most pernicious evil in all of history. Here is an interview with him from AirMaria.com.