27 January 2011

Pirates of Forbidden Water

I have finished my analysis of Forbidden Knowledge, and must now type up the nearly eleven pages of notes I took. In the mean time I will present two short articles one of my valued couple of readers, Steve, provided in the ever popular Uri Geller post about a number of other investigators' work with nitinol. I think everyone is going to comment there in the future instead of reading anything new.

While reading Forbidden Knowledge I noticed Mr. Couttie's ambivalence toward the subject of dowsing. Dowsing seems to be one of the most widely accepted "paranormal" effects, even among skeptics. This reminded me of a video I saw a few years back about dowsing. For your viewing pleasure, In Search Of... Water Seekers.

Sidenote: Integral Politics is 2,287 words long, nearly twice as long as the next longest post. Even without the long quote near the end it is still 1,994 words long, about 1.6 times as long as number two.