14 February 2011

Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Future of the Near East

Harvard professor and economist Niall Ferguson trounces president Obama's view on Egypt, and warns of the grave dangers facing Egypt and the world as a result of Mubarak's downfall. From the Glenn Beck program (I don't think I've ever cited Beck before).

Runs 5:21

P.S. I've wanted to watch Mr. Ferguson's "Ascent of Money" program for over a year now but have never gotten around to it. A quick search reveals it is available online for US ISPs, and so I will make time to watch it within the week.

Forbidden Knowledge 2011 Part 1

At last, your salivation is at hand! I have completed my review on Forbidden Knowledge, and present all 8,028 words of it here for you, my valued couple of readers. It is 16 pages long (roughly one page for every ten pages of the book), with 20 references and two images. Creating an HTML version will take hours, if not days, and may even exceed the size limit of a single page on The Urban Mystic, so for now I will present you with a PDF version, completely free of charge.

Forbidden Knowledge: A Dissertation on Debunking, Parapsychology, and the Psychology of the Paranormal