16 February 2011

The World Gone Mad

In December I began writing a thriller about the New World Order titled 7 Days. I have read well over 2,000 pages researching this book. Most of the book is well planned out, so you would think this would be an easy writing experience. Unfortunately, the events in the world have escalated much faster than I expected, so I'm finding I have to update the book frequently, and often wonder whether it will be too late by the time I have finished to make any difference.

The beginning of the book begins with a character, a rather cynical fellow trapped in a cabin with other refugees, talking about the "madness" that has consumed the world. Quoting from Steven Pressfield's novel Gates of Fire, he says "madness is contagious." This character, Scott, mentions the riots that began in Greece in late 2010 and how political unrest spread throughout Europe before coming to America.

As soon as I completed a good deal of research for the book I took a short break to write my 16 page dissertation on Bob Couttie's book Forbidden Knowledge (You can get the free PDF here), and when I got back to writing 7 Days the entire Near East explodes! The Muslim Brotherhood has overthrown the government in Egypt, people are being killed by government crackdowns in Libya, and a whole list of other problems arise all within days of each other. Here is a list (serious threats to global and/or US security listed in red):

Afghanistan: Ongoing US war
India: Ongoing Maoist insurgency
Pakistan: Ongoing serious unrest; Benazir Bhutto assassinated; Pervez Musharraf stepped down; Afghan rebels endemic
Mexico: Drug war; cartels effectively control entire country
North & South Korea: Korean War heats up, most likely future North Korean dictator trying to look macho
Greece: Socialist uprising/riots
France, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain: Economic protests/unrest; economic collapse immanent
Sudan: Country poised to split; ongoing genocide in Darfur
Russia: Moscow, Chechen terror attack
Tunesia: Government overthrown
Egypt: Government overthrown
Libya: Government killing protesters
Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen: Severe political unrest/rioting
Kuwait, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Saudi Arabia: Moderate political unrest; could turn serious any minute
Iraq: Moderate political unrest, Al Qaeda insurgency under control at the moment
Somalia: Moderate political unrest; ongoing pirate problem
Thailand & Cambodia: Border struggle
Persia/Iran: Government crackdown on protesters, US government turns blind eye on democratic uprising for the third time (2009, 2010, and 2011) but welcomes Islamist uprising in Egypt; Iranian warships en route through Suez Canal to Syria

Is it just me or are you really frightened as well? Nuclear Pakistan is falling apart, the Mullas of Iran are trying to get Syria and Egypt on their side so they can surround US controlled Iraq and Israel and begin the Third World War (which I predicted in 2006 would begin in January 2011, and we may be seeing the Franz Ferdinand moment in Egypt), the Ayatollah is claiming to be in communication with the Mahdi, who has returned after 1100 years (where did he go and what was he doing that whole time?) and is telling everyone to drench the world in the blood of the heathens (non-Muslims), Muslims who won't kill heathens, and especially the Jews. Israel has warned the world that they won't sit back much longer while the Mullas make annihilation threats. Hell, Iran is sending warships to secure for themselves the Suez Canal and to aid Syria, probably in a blockade of Israel. I think there is a strong possibility (70+%) of a nuclear exchange before the end of the year, and if that happens it really is the end of the world.

There is a near certainty that the US will send troops into Mexico because the drug cartells have basically annexed most of the border states.

I have created the following map, which is by no means extensive, to get a general overview of the situation.


But I keep forgetting, Israel and capitalism are evil, the United States needs to be taught a lesson for its imperialism, the Mullas of Iran are good people, and so are the Egyptian protesters who just want democracy, and the Muslim Brotherhood is really very secular, not Islamist at all, and that the New World Order does not exist and you should just keep taking your Xanax and watch idiots from New Jersey cuss and do jackass things.

200 of the good people of Egypt gang raped CBS reporter Lara Logan, but as NYU former professor Nir Rosen said, it's funny because she deserved it. There was a huge backlash and he resigned, but don't forget he's a good person, and so are the people of Egypt. If I was there when he said that I would have knocked his fucking teeth out, but that's just me. Oh, and the Egyptian people "democratically" want Sharia law. Here are two videos detailing what that means.

Let us not forget, Adolf Hitler was "democratically" elected, but the motherfucker who hosts the Muslim Brotherhood world radio show says Hitler was a good person for putting the Jews in their place.

It appears as if madness is indeed contagious, and it has spread far faster than I could have imagined. Let us pray cooler heads prevail. Let us pray the US wakes up before world war starts and the Jews are eliminated.