19 February 2011

Near Death Conference

You, my valued couple of readers have probably seen this before. It has been sitting in my pit of perpetual ignorance (TM) for two and a half years, waiting for me to find the time to edit another page of The L (page S05, which will be a day late), while listening to the wonderful presentation. Dr Bruce Greyson gives a presentation on NDEs at the IANDS Near Death Experience Durham NC Conference in October 2008. The presentation mentions the difference between prospective and retrospective studies, briefly mentions the AWARE study (that had just begun at the time), and mentioned in passing mediumship, OBEs, apparitions, why temporal lobe seisures can't account for NDEs, and a whole bunch of other things. The video is pocked-sized, so you will gain nothing extra by watching instead of just listening, except a cute cartoon of snow people. Listening is highly recommended, even if you have listened to it before. Run time just over one hour.