04 March 2011

UFO's: An Integral Perspective

Integral artist Stuart Davis* has a new piece on UFO's. He begins thusly:

The field of UFOlogy has long been plagued with sloppy research and slippery testimony from sketchy sources. But in recent years it has transformed, reshaped by first person testimony from high caliber eyewitnesses. Hundreds of top-ranking military officials, powerful governmental figures, pilots, astronauts, and former covert operatives with secret clearance have come forward and provided video-taped testimony on their firsthand experience with UFOs. They originate from all corners of the globe, and put their names—and sometimes their lives—on the line in order to reveal what they generally describe as a tragic, calamitous cover-up.

Even a cursory survey of Leslie Kean's book, UFO's: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On The Record is a wake up call. Whatever the 5% of genuinely unexplainable UFOs are, they are no longer the province of speculation from the periphery of pseudo-science. Exemplars of reason, experts held in great esteem in their fields, are coming forward in droves to say we are really missing it. "It"being the ostensible reality that an intelligent presence of unknown origin is operating—with apparent impunity—over our military bases and soveriegn air space.

He presents five possible explanations to the wave of high-level officials coming out about the existence of the 5% of truly unidentified UFO's:
1. misidentification of terrestrial phenomena
2. top secret black projects, possibly so secret high-level officials themselves are out of the loop, or possibly deliberate misinformation
3. intra-governmental organizations/ New World Order plot
4. genuine ET's
5. top secret, reverse-engineered ET craft (2+4)

(Stu has a poll: 71% of readers say UFO's are ET in origin, 17% say they are misidentification)

He then relates this to our own lop-sided development (in the west), which focuses on the right side (exteriors) while the left side (interiors) atrophy. We must examine the UFO phenomena in the light of our own perspective and the perspectives of others and how those perspectives influence how we interpret the UFO phenomena.

While it is important to investigate the exteriors (the UFO phenomena), and find the truth there, we should use the UFO phenomena as an invitation to explore our own interiors and begin to make tangible efforts to develop spiritually, both as individuals and as groups (upper left and lower left).

Stu's view happens to congrue with my own. While explanations 1-3 certainly are going on, the 5% of truly unexplained surely must include some extraterrestrial component (4 and 5).

*Here is a video of him performing a song called "Nothing In Between." I don't have the words to describe this. You'll just have to experience it.