21 April 2011


Ad agency Workforce Central Florida spent $73,000 of YOUR money on a campaign to design a cartoon character "Dr. Evil Unemployment" and $14,000 of YOUR money buying 6,000 capes to give to unemployed people. They call it the "Cape-A-Bility Challenge." Wow! It is literally impossible for someone to write this. This could NEVER have been a fictional story. No writer, no matter how talented, could EVER assume someone would do something anywhere near this asinine. There are 20 million unemployed people in the country, and these assholes spend tax money on this? I don't want a fucking cape. I don't want to vanquish a foam cutout of a fictional character who isn't responsible for anything. The agency pulled the plug on the campaign because it was "too out-of-the-box."
Dr._Evil_Unemployment Dr. Evil Unemployment

The REAL Evil Mastermind Behind Unemployment