05 May 2011

The Single Biggest Load of Crock Ever

I turned on the radio yesterday at 4 AM and found Coast to Coast, a program that I occasionally listen to. Sometimes they have on some really good guests with really solid evidence backing up their claims. They also spend most of the first hour dealing with news and analysis that the mainstream media doesn't want you to hear, allowing one to get multiple perspectives on stories instead of the homogenised fluff you get almost everywhere else (sometimes it's scary how all the news programs use the exact same words in their stories. The first and only time I ever heard the word "optics" used in the manner it was on the news was when the President and his wife did something outrageously asinine that pissed off a lot of people. EVERYONE in the news said "they need to fix the 'optics' of the situation, because the American people are too stupid to know what's good for them." I still don't know what "optics" means, but I guess it's similar to lies. Usually when I talk about it I say "cock-dicks" because these news people wetting themselves to President Zero* is just too rediculous.).

Sometimes Coast to Coast has the most unbelievable guests dug up from the bowels of wherever unbelievable people come from (Malibu). These include "Major" Ed Dames, whose apocalyptic solar flair dubbed the "Killshot®," was supposed to wipe out the earth every time he's come on for the last twenty years. He also promised original host Art Bell a quantity of gold he was supposed to find using his mind powers for twenty years too. Neither the gold or the Killshot® has materialised yet. There's also Alex Jones (enough said, though his Endgame film was pretty damn scary), and Brian Greene, whose "string theory" isn't a theory and isn't even wrong, because it makes no predictions and cannot be tested in any way, yet it doesn't stop him from turning every program he's on into a debunking exercise.

Yesterday they had "Dr." Judy Wood, who must have got her degree by mugging an actual doctor. She is by a wide margin the worst of them all. She is a 9/11 truther who stretches even the credulity of that moniker. Claiming the government used dumptrucks full of thermite to cut the steel support beams that was shipped in with no one in the buildings noticing it is one thing, but Wood's science fantasy is so outrageous and so treasonous that I had to watch two hours of anti-9/11 truth videos on the internet afterward to keep myself from losing my mind. It didn't completely work, because here I am writing about her today. If Wood's story is correct then EVERYTHING we know about physical sciences is COMPLETELY wrong. Continue reading if you dare.

Judy Wood is a member of a group called Scholars for 9/11 Truth, and as such, is the only person in the group with any experience in engineering and thus the only person in the group to actually have any authority to make claims about the destruction of the buildings on 9/11. The theory she and others in the group espouse is so horribly rediculous that other founding members left the group to found Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice to promote their controled demolition theory. Founder James Fetzer is now a pariah in the 9/11 truth movement. Just like with CSICOP and Greenpeace, when founding members quit it's a good sign the group has failed in its original mission (one of the CSICOP founders left after he found a stash of documents they were hiding that demonstrated astrology is real, a Greenpeace founder left when he noticed the group was focused on eliminating capitalism and not helping the environment).

Besides telling blatant lies on the radio such as Larry Silverstein saying "pull it" meaning destroy WTC 7 instead of pull the firefighters out, even though third generation demolitions experts say again and again that "pull it" is not a demolition term, and saying the official story makes no sense when it is the first time ever in history the US government's story makes absolute perfect sense, and claiming to care only about "physical evidence, not theories," Wood concocted the mother of all fairy stories to explain 9/11, and neither the host George Noory or a single caller called her out. Here's the story in a nutshell:

The government used Star Wars masers fired from the moon to destroy the towers. The masers (microwave lasers) resonated at such a frequency that pools of metal remained molten for months at the site afterward, and it resonated with the worker's steel-toed boots, melting them but leaving there feet unharmed. The frequency was such that only three buildings were damaged with surrounding structures left completely untouched (actually, several buildings on the site and surrounding area were damaged). A cop car was hit by the maser and the front half melted completely leaving the other half untouched, something fire cannot do, only special frequency maser weapons (actually, as one expert explains the front half burning: "There's grease, oil and gasoline, and once the fire gets going, rubber hoses and tires. If the fire gets to the gas tank, the tank will go. If it doesn't, it won't. But engine fires are pretty common in cars and they don't always involve the gas tank." Also, the burned cars that were blocks away from the towers were not burned in situ, they were burned near the towers and removed to other locations once their use as evidence in the investigation was over. That's why there are parking lots filled with burned cars surrounded by untouched structures, and why the cars are often cut open or have holes from where tools were used to examine and tow them and remove any trapped passengers.).

When you heat water it explodes violently in a steam explosion, and since there was no steam explosion planes or bombs couldn't have destroyed the buildings. (I have nowhere else to put this, but here's a PDF of an investigation that demonstrated that, far from fire not being able to melt steel, 22 multi-story buildings have fully or partially collapsed from 1970 to 2002 as a result of fire, 7 were concrete, 6 were steel, 5 were masonry, 2 were wood and 2 were of unknown construction.)

When the Keebler Elves drill a hole in the top of a tree to make their home it doesn't take the whole tree down (even though the Keebler Elves are fictional characters in a cartoon world designed to sell cookies, which, by the way, I used to inhale the buttery tasting multi-coloured chocolate chip cookies as a child, and they live in the base of a tree, not the top. Anyone who has ever bought a bag of Keebler cookies can see the logo focuses on the base of the tree, not the top. Every commercial shows the elves home in the base of the tree), so a plane hitting the top of a building can't knock it down. When you fill a pot with water and put it on a wire rack over a fire the rack doesn't explode, it melts slowly then gives way so the fire is not on the bare base of the pot (I thought water reacts violently to heat? Why are you heating it? And why are you using a rack made of some metal that melts below 100°? What is it made of, caesium?).

"Planes cannot turn buildings into powder in midair and leave no remains." The buildings didn't collapse because no debis was found (and carted away in truck loads for weeks afterward). The buildings exploded into coarse dust that fell to the ground where it spontaneously disintegrated into fine dust that was blown back up into the air. The dust was "smaller than DNA" so "nothing could stop it" and it got through breathing masks and killed people (if it's so small why didn't it just diffuse through peoples' skin directly into their blood?). The buildings didn't fall down, they fell up like a tree (even though trees grow up, they don't fall up). The frequency of the maser was such that it disintegrated steel and concrete yet left paper completely unharmed.

That's basically it. If I'm leaving anything out it was far too stupid to remember. I must say, this fairy story is maybe the single most offensive thing anyone could say to the victims of 9/11. This goes above and beyond the crap the normal truthers are pushing, by a lot.

Here is a ten minute video about Wood and other truthers:

*Long time readers know that I come up with joke names for the presidents. Clinton is Billy Boy, Bush 2 is Capital Bush, and Obama is Zero. Bush 1 is the Devil.