01 June 2011

The Jane Austen Project Preview

I have begun my very own My Little Pony fan story. Initial estimates place the final length at 26 chapters, whatever that means. The first ever sketch can be found here. As chapters are finished they will probably be posted here (however long a chapter is), but for now here is the first 149 words!

Jane Austen's
The Scarlet Cutie Mark
A Bromance

After the Fall

Sylvan Forest
6,330 miles south of Ponyville

Fine drops of rain fall on everything and everypony in the thick forest. One by one they clear the late afternoon air of the smoke left by countless fires left burning for days. Here and there the faint glimmer of sunlight filters through the clouds, warming the land as well as the hearts of they who have assembled. In the grey-green darkness of the tiny clearing Constantine stands with his stallions, 20,000 in all, an assembly of the bravest, toughest, cussingist, drinkingist warriors ever assembled in the region's entire history. They are each clad in armour of boiled leather, hard as iron, with hobnail boots and a rolled steel helmet. They are as grim a sight as has ever been; enough to turn a pony's blood to ice.

Ben Stein Says The "Arab Spring" Sucks

The pro-west anti-Iran, somewhat pro-Israel, somewhat pro-human rights Mubarak was ousted by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the exact opposite. Iran is making a play for the whole Near East.