10 September 2011

Swami Kriyananda on the Economic Collapse

Recall earlier how I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Paramhansa Yogananda's disciple Kriyananda's world brotherhood colonies, dubbed "Ananda Villiages", were neither hippie nor communist. Everyone must be fiscially responsible and contribute financially to the community. Now Swami Kriyananda gives an hour talk on the global economic collapse. In summary:

*Using creative energy to help others is like a muscle - it gets stronger the more you use it - and not like a fixed quantity like gold that diminshes the more you use it

*A lot of people care only for money, not for people, and they often play the stock market

*Government is too damn big (though he doesn't say "damn")

*Welfare helps government orders of magnitude more than it helps the needy

*...And it's FDR's fault!

*Deficite spending doesn't work and is killing the world economy

*"Legalise pot and maybe hard drugs so criminals can't make profits off of it and addicts can be given help, not rectal exams

*(Interestingly) Rock music (especially metal) is the vibration of negative dimensions and can cause natural disasters!

*Kindness and generosity can shelter you from economic hardship, though not always immediately, and, consequently, if you apply for enough jobs you'll eventually get one

*The Dollar will collapse, leading to world-wide hyperinflation

*The Euro sucks (too)

*Gold coins are very good to survive the economic apocalypse, but good farm land is the best investment

*Starting small communities in the country with similar minded individuals is the key to saving humanity, because cities will explode with apocalyptic crime