09 October 2011

7 Billion People Part Two

Robert Kunzig writing for National Geographic has put out a decent article on the approaching birth of human number 7 billion. Decent because, while it says that poverty is the real problem, not population, and that Malthusian alarmism is nuts, it does toe the party line on globa-oops! "Climate Change" (hide the decline)*. The article is two pages (there's a little "continue" button at the bottom). Some gems include:

"THE ANNUAL meeting of the Population Association of America (PAA) is one of the premier gatherings of the world’s demographers. Last April the global population explosion was not on the agenda. “The problem has become a bit passĂ©,” HervĂ© Le Bras says. Demographers are generally confident that by the second half of this century we will be ending one unique era in history—the population explosion—and entering another, in which population will level out or even fall.

But will there be too many of us? At the PAA meeting, in the Dallas Hyatt Regency, I learned that the current population of the planet could fit into the state of Texas, if Texas were settled as densely as New York City. The comparison made me start thinking like Leeuwenhoek. If in 2045 there are nine billion people living on the six habitable continents, the world population density will be a little more than half that of France today. France is not usually considered a hellish place. Will the world be hellish then? "


"But one can also draw a different conclusion—that fixating on population numbers is not the best way to confront the future. People packed into slums need help, but the problem that needs solving is poverty and lack of infrastructure, not overpopulation. Giving every woman access to family planning services is a good idea—“the one strategy that can make the biggest difference to women’s lives,” Chandra calls it. But the most aggressive population control program imaginable will not save Bangladesh from sea level rise, Rwanda from another genocide, or all of us from our enormous environmental problems."

*Because the earth hasn't warmed since 1998. In fact, the global temperature has decreased, markedly, since then. More than half of the climate stations in Siberia had to be ignored because they showed cooling, not warming, while climate stations on airport tarmacs and near heat exhaust vents were given "Mike's Nature Trick" to make it look like the earth was heating up. Seriously, after Climategate, if you still believe that humans are changing the climate you're a fucking retard, in plain English.