08 November 2011

Happy Birthday Baby 7 Billion

31 October 2011 was officially declaired the Day of Seven Billion by the UN (given a 12 month margin of error!). While no one can know who exactly the seven billionth person is one group chose this girl from India to protest the killing of baby girls in that part of the world. If you've been following this series you'll know that there are 7 men in China for every woman, which is why the Chinese economy will collapse before the end of the century. The situation is better in India and other Asian countries, but still highly problematic.

The Chinese government celebrates the grisly fact that their one child policy has resulted in the "elimination" of 400 million people since it was instituted, making it more devastating than the Black Death (150 million); both World Wars combined (80 million); Hitler, Stalin, Chingis Khan, and Timur combined (110 million); and falls in the middle of the estimated deaths from Smallpox (300-500 million). Fuck you China, fuck you very much.