29 March 2012

¡Global Waffles!


The Daily Mail asks "Is This Finally Proof We're NOT Causing Global Warming?" I guess no one told them it's "climate change" because even though the planet has been cooling since 1998 it's still YOUR fault (and you should feel bad and give Algore all your money). A team of geochemists led by Zunli Lu from Syracuse University have discovered a mineral called Ikaite which only forms in cold waters, and they were able to use this mineral to definitively show (AGAIN) that the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age were not confined to Europe as the global warming hoaxers want us to believe, but covered the entire globe. Core samples from Antarctica (the one with penguins, not Santa), containing this rare mineral provide another nail in the coffin of man-made climate change, which has now had so many nails hammered into it that we're hammering nails into the backs of other nails because there is no wood left. Scientists estimate that if as few as ten more nails are hammered into the coffin, the mass of man-made climate change will turn it into a black hole and kill us all.

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