31 May 2012

The End of Dhimmitude

A piece in The American Thinker called "Requiem for a Righteous Muslim" on the death of Tashbih Sayyed, written in 2007. The opening paragraph is simple and forceful:

Tashbih Sayyed called himself a Muslim Zionist.  He fearlessly directed his great intellect and powerful voice to combat Jew-hatred and anti-Zionism, often at great personal cost.  In befriending the Jews, he enraged his own community.  Nevertheless, he never allowed an anti-Semitic comment to pass unanswered in his presence.  Furthermore, he wanted Jews to educate themselves about the depth and breadth of anti-Semitism imbedded in his own culture and religion.  He also wanted us to understand how the Muslim world regards non-Muslims and that the common perception of Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance is a lie.  
(emphasis added)

Some other choice quotes:

"The religion of Islam denies equality between Muslims and non-Muslims.  In lands subject to Islamic law, the dhimmi lives by the grace of the Muslim who is obliged to humiliate him in return for sparing his life.  The non-Muslim must literally choose between dhimmitude and death."

"Christian Europe itself has been terrorized by 14 centuries of jihad from her Muslim neighbors including the jihad that is being played out in real time today. Jihad against Europe never stopped, even if you include the 200 years of the Crusades."

"...recall the chorus of Western apologies that ensued after the publication of the Danish cartoons. Global Muslim rioting, mayhem and murder served as an effective rejoinder to the exercise of free speech.

"Somehow, we all understand that dhimmis must know their place.  In lands governed under Islamic law, Christian and Jewish dhimmis must display their humility at all times or risk forfeiting their lives.  The scandal is that dhimmitude is making its inroads in the West. 

"When the Jewish people created the State of Israel, they committed an unpardonable crime against the Muslim world: the crime of self-respect."

Israel, Europe, the United States, indeed, all of Western civilization, chooses to capitulate, to accept submission. Hamas was allowed to hold elections. There is talk of giving up the Golan and Judea and Samaria. Apologies were made for drawings of Muhammad and massive crackdown in Afghanistan was not called for when a couple of Qurans that captured militants defaced were burned in the trash. Whatever are we to do? Will we accept submission or will we cast off our dhimmi status and proclaim our equality and Israel's right to exist?

30 May 2012

School Tuition

Problem: School tuition is too high. Solution: Alumni need to donate $1 billion so new students can afford to attend.

28 May 2012


The connection between puzzles and life.

20 May 2012

Nigel Farage Was Right!

Nigel Farage, UK MEP, predicted a lot of things in 2010 and 2011, about the bailouts, about the collapse of Greece and Portugal, about the end of the European Union and the rise of nationalism in member states who are fed up with the debt crisis. He was right. The political party that shows the fastest growth in Greece is the ultra far right nationalist party the Golden Dawn (the website is in Greek). Didn't we see this happen before, 80 years ago? People are pushed to the breaking point by a golbal debt crisis and demand new leadership to rise from within their own people. History is repeating itself, again, all because people are too stupid, to naive, or too lazy to actually learn from the mistakes their ancestors made.

THIS is why you should study history (that project I was working on that was lost with my old computer). You should study history so you can see what is coming in the future if you keep doing the same things and expecting different outcomes. You should study history to avoid the collapse of civilisations and the deaths of millions in unnecessary wars brought on by failed policies.

Watch 14 minutes of Nigel Farage demonstrait why you should study history.

18 May 2012

Ron Paul Versus The New World Order

Old guy owns a whole room of bigger, younger guys. The one guy he hits in the face and he goes down and stays down the whole video like he's dead or something. There is no way to confirm whether it is or is not Ron Paul, but it looks like him and a couple of people in the comments section says that is what he would do to the NWO so just pretend it is and be amazed.

15 May 2012

Arizona Law Does Not Harm Women

 HuffPo is about as anti-choice as one can get!

Vous may have heard of a new law in Arizona that liberal racists hate (they tend to hate everything from Arizona because they don't actually have to live there), called HB 2036. The title of a Huff the Magic Dragon article reads "Arizona Passes Abortion Law That Says Pregnancy Begins Before A Child Has Been Conceived," and claims that this is "another blow to reproductive rights in the US" (when was the first blow? - that's what she said). It goes on to say:

"Aside from banning all abortions after 20 weeks, defined from the date of the woman's last period instead of conception except in the case of medical emergency, it will force women considering abortion because of fetal abnormalities to have counselling, and for women having an abortion to have an ultrasound.

"It also says the age of a foetus is "is calculated from the first day of the last [woman's] menstrual period.""

I did something HuffPo didn't do, and actually read the text of HB 2036. Here's what it says regarding the beginning of pregnancy:

""Pregnant" or "pregnancy" means a female reproductive condition of having a developing unborn child in the body and that begins with conception.

Abortion does not include birth control devices, oral contraceptives used to inhibit or prevent ovulation, conception or the implantation of a fertilized ovum in the uterus or the use of any means to i̶n̶c̶r̶e̶a̶s̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶p̶r̶o̶b̶a̶b̶i̶l̶i̶t̶y̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶a̶ ̶l̶i̶v̶e̶ ̶b̶i̶r̶t̶h̶ save the life or preserve the health of the unborn child, to preserve the life or health of the child after a live birth, to terminate an ectopic pregnancy or to remove a dead fetus" (from the final, ammended version, strikethrough and emphasis included).

Right in the title the HuffPo article is lying, and it's not just lying out of ignorance or neglecting to mention something, it's a blatant lie. The text actually says pregnancy begins at conception, not before.

One thing HuffPo got right is how gestational age is calculated, as the actual text reads:  "the age of the unborn child as calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period of the pregnant woman." However, there's nothing controversial about that at all. According to the National Institutes of Health:  "In human obstetrics, gestational age is often defined as the time elapsed since 14 days prior to fertilization. This is approximately the duration since the woman's last menstrual period (LMP) began." The Arizona law is using the national standard system for calculating the age of the unborn child, not making up some draconian anti-women rule. Everyone's calculations are done that way; there is absolutely nothing controversial about that.

What about restricting (not banning) abortions after 20 weeks? Well, according to the CDC only 1.3% of all abortions in America and 0.8% of all abortions in Arizona happen after 20 weeks anyway. HuffPo is arguing over less than one percent of abortions in the state, and many of them (all 105 in 2004) probably had either maternal or fetal health factor in in some way (the later in term an abortion is the greater the risk to the mother, so getting an abortion halfway through the second trimester isn't nearly as safe as earlier on), so there's no saying that this number will be affected in any way at all.

What about the other provisions? What's wrong with giving women considering getting an abortion counseling? It's a huge decision, one not to be taken lightly. One does not simply wake up one morning and says "hey, I'll get an abortion, then I'll get cake and celebrate!" This is something that requires a lot of thought, does carry health risks (there are some studies suggesting an abortion-breast cancer link; I don't know, I haven't read them), and has psychological repercussions (a lot of women have to deal with post-abortion depression, not unlike postpartum depression). This isn't the same thing as buying a hat, this isn't even the same as buying a car, this is something not to be decided upon brashly. By all means, let women considering an abortion talk it out with someone in a calm, adult fashion.

And what of ultrasounds? What's wrong with that? The bigger the decision the more information you should have before you make it. You wouldn't buy a car by going to a dealership and picking one at random? Doesn't "pro-choice" mean just that, pro-CHOICE? Shouldn't the woman considering an abortion be given information from BOTH sides so she can make an informed CHOICE, and not just pro-abortion propaganda? How is it possible to make a choice if one is given a single option? Arizona's new law actually promotes genuine choice, and actually empowers women (is it not said that "knowledge is power"?). But HuffPo wouldn't know that - I doubt they read the actual text of the law - and they certainly don't want their readers to know that because they never linked to the actual law itself! They expect their readers to take their word for it and not do their own research and make up their own minds! HuffPo is about as anti-choice as one can get!

Islam: What the West Needs to Know

A 98 minute documentary that provides a counterpoint to the orthodox haigographic position of Western academia. It presents arguments, with the intention of warning ignorant Westerners of the dangers of Islamism, exposing Islamic antisemitism, pan-Islamism and the founding of a new caliphate, and terrorism. It is a documentary critical of the Quran, exposing what it says is that the later, violent, verses negate the earlier, peaceful verses.

Watch and do your own research. Make up your own mind.

13 May 2012

Mother Ganges

A lovely 49 minute BBC documentary looking for the many sources of the Ganges river, exploring the wildlife and human habitation along the way. Some of the most beautiful cinematography I have ever seen. Enjoy!

07 May 2012

A Brief History of the Ouija Board

A six minute video on the history of the Ouija Board, from the time of automatic writing and planchettes to the present day.

06 May 2012

Ethan Frome In A Nutshell

Some complete moron, maybe mentally challenged, named Ethan Frome lives in a cabin he built with his bare hands with his wife who is very ugly. They eat pickles and doughnuts for every meal and nothing else yet they haven't died of malnutrition yet. They live in some place that snows all the time and is miles from the nearest human settlement. Some bloke visits the nearest town and asks about Ethan and they tell him nothing so he ambushes the guy and they get trapped in a cabin or something and Ethan reminisces about his crappy boring life. His wife is Xena Warrior Princess but she's played by someone other than Lucy Lawless because, like I said before, she's ugly and Lucy is not. Anyway, his sister or someone comes along for some reason (hell if I know) and he totally has the hots for her and they do it but it was left out of the book! The only good part was missing and it pisses me off. Nothing happens. Nothing happens. I think they're looking for some witch or something, I wasn't paying attention. Ethan and his sister try to steal away into the night because they're like the Scarlet Letter or something, and his sister goes nuts because society won't let them be together. They make a suicide pact and go on a sled ride to wack a tree and drop dead but they survive. Ethan is now a cripple or something and the hell if I know what happened to the chick society wouldn't let him score with. His wife is now an anchor around his neck because he's a cripple and she was useless from day one, but now he has to take care of her and his crippleness and he can't do it alone and we're supposed to cry like little girls or something because of that. The end.

The Palestinian Lie

Pat Condell, a man my mentor once said was "beyond the help of Rogaine and Viagra," destroys the lies told by the fictitious Palestinian people, exposes the UN's rampant antisemitism, and the Palestinian's refusal to accept peace at all costs because they want to get rid of the Jews. Two videos below, both five minutes. Enjoy.