31 July 2012

The Man of Miracles

A 50 minute film on Sathya Sai Baba called "The Man of Miracles", narrated by Rod Serling. This film was made between 1973 and 74 (during the renovation project at Prasanthi Nilayam, though there's no date, the construction gives it away).

Attention is paid to Swami's early life and interviews with prominant Western devotees.

27 July 2012

Hundred Greatest Battles Update for July 2012

After severe computer troubles at the end of March and having to rediscover seven missing battles, here is the updated list:

1. Adrianople
2. Agincourt
3. Ain Jalut
4. Ankara
5. Antietam
6. Antioch
7. Artemisium
8. Austerlitz
9. Bannockburn
10. Bull Run (Manassas - First Battle)
11. Cannae
12. Carrhae
13. Catalaunian Plains
14. Chaeronea
15. Changping
16. Chittor Fort
17. Corinth
18. Eupatoria
19. Fredericksburg
20. Gaixia
21. Gallipoli
22. Gaugamela
23. Gettysburg
24. Granicus River
25. Hastings
26. Hydaspes River
27. Indus
28. Issus
29. Iwo Jima
30 & 31. Mongol Invasions of Japan
32. Julu
33. Jutland
34. Kadesh
35. Kalinga
36. Kazan
37. Kulikovo
38. Kursk
39 & 40. Lexington and Concord
41. Leyte Gulf
42. Malta
43. Marathon
44. Midway
45. Mobei
46. Mohi
47. Multan
48. Nahāvand
49. Normandy
50. Panipat
51. Passchendaele
52. Persian Gates
53. Pharsalus
54. Plataea
55. Pollilur
56. Poltava
57. Al-Qādisiyyah
58. Red Cliffs
59. Sakarya
60. Salamis
61. Salsu
62. Seringapatam
63. Sevastopol
64. Shiloh
65. Six-Day War
66. Somme
67. Talas
68. Tarain (Second Battle)
69. Telamon
70. Tenochtitlán
71. Teutoburg Forest
72. Tours (Poitiers)
73. Trafalgar
74. Ugra River
75. Verdun
76. Vienna
77. Waterloo
78. Watling Street
79. Yom Kippur War
80. Yorktown
81. Zama

In addition there are two additional battles that are not officially part of the list but deserve special mention:

A. Tyre (subject of the video "Alexander's Siege of Tyre, which inspired The 100 Greatest Battles)
B. Gulf War

19 July 2012

Ancient Aliens

A more accomplished inventor than Edison, a more sinister killer than Hitler.

Back in 2009 I watched a program on what was then called The History Channel (now just History, which is ironic as it no longer has anything to do with history but is instead reality shows about ambiguously gay garbage men and all sorts of utter crap) called Ancient Aliens. At the time it was the most viewed program ever aired on The History Channel (over 2 million views). The program presented speculation that many of the things ancient people built, supposedly with one foot still in the stone age, which modern technology cannot replicate (the Great Pyramid took 23 years to build, supposedly by thousands of people pulling stones along a ramp that would have stretched for several miles and contained several times the voulme of material as the pyramid itself, and with the entire world's supply of boom cranes it would take at least 100 years to build and cost more money than the GNP of most countries; the Stone of the Pregnant Woman at Baalbek weighs over 1000 tonnes and does not have enough surface area to attach sufficient ropes for it to be moved), and proposes that it is possible that extraterrestrials visited Earth and had some role in these astonishing accomplishments.

From there it degenerated into idiots claiming that absolutely everything in the universe was done by ET, and has retconned itself at least once.

According to the man with the hair, show producer and host Giorgio Tsoukalos (according to wiki his day job is running an ET themed amusement park, which sounds wicked cool until you realise that it's probably all desk work and meeting with people with deep pockets), all the world's religions were started as cargo cults by ET (because things like God/gods, angels, and anything nonphysical is laughable on its face, and because no one ever used entheogens until the 1960s), every single artefact "looks surprisingly like" some modern machine which isn't the least bit odd considering that ET is supposedly millions of years more advanced than humans and yet is using Apollo era technology, ET started the American Revolution and was in communication with the Free Masons, George Washington, Ben Franklin, and maybe gave Sam Adams the recipe for beer, ET was behind the works of Shakespere and Leonardo da Vinci (because if you use a computer to distort da Vinci's paintings you can make ET heads or something), ET is responsible for every war in history, selects every US President, and mines the atmosphere for gold, somehow. Apparently "ancient astronaut theory" is no longer a theory, it's a deus ex machina for everything in the universe (except explaining where ET came from and if there is an even older race of ancient aliens who created the ones that visited Earth, and why the definition of "ancient astronaut theory" keeps changing for every episode).

In Season One ET visited the Earth looking for gold or liquid water (gold being a very heavy element should actually be more abundant on Mercury than Earth, and water is very common throughout the universe and can be found in huge quantities on the outer planets) and they found primitive ape creatures which they infused with ET DNA (or ENA) to make humans to mine the gold. Once they had enough they left until Roswell in 1947.

In the latest episode ET visited the Earth millions of years ago and wiped out the dinosaurs with laser weapons so the planet would be free to grow humans to mine for ratings on History's sister channel H2. The reason this change in ET agenda was never explained.

Here's what Charlie Sheen has to say about Ancient Aliens:

15 July 2012

The Bible Code

Looking through a box of books I discovered Michael Drosnin's original The Bible Code. This got me thinking about a documentary film on the Bible code I had seen a few years ago. Here it is below:

It runs 45 minutes.

The above film includes interviews with charlatan Brendan McKay (who admits his stunt with Moby Dick was a stunt and that he didn't bother with the scrambling method that produces the real statistically significant results in the actual code, and despite this he is still touted as an expert all over the Internet) and Barry Simon (who believes that God would not create the code because then it would prove God's existance and then everyone would be forced to believe against their free will), both of whom reject a priori the possibility of the code and are therefore not scientists.

It also includes interviews with Eliyahu Rips, who discovered the code using computer technology.

Here is a brief (7 minutes) detailed explanation of the original experiment, it's supposed refutation, and the second study that the skep-dicks have ignored and remains unrefuted, presented by Moshe Zeldman.

08 July 2012

A Servant of Good

Do whatever you can to fight evil and the new world order. Do whatever you can to educate the masses (even if it's only 50 readers a day).

Runs 16 minutes.

Humanity's Greatest Secret: Dreams of the Universe

This one's a double, because it's just videos instead of text (text comes later). Our first feature is a wonderful think piece from Alex Jones about humanity's future. Do we want to go down the path of tyranny or do we want our civilization to thrive among the stars? The global elite are telling you that you are a disease on the Earth, but the truth is humanity is the best thing to ever happen to the planet.

Runs 20 minutes.

02 July 2012

The Star Spangled Banner

The band Madison Rising performing The Star Spangled Banner.

Never before, or since, has anything like the United States been attempted. For all its flaws, still the greatest country ever by a long shot.