10 January 2012

God, The Devil, and Tim Tebow (TEMP)

This post will be officially written Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on how much else I have to type). It will look into issues such as prayer, miracles, suffering, and Denver Bronco's star QB Tim Tebow. Not only will it delve into theological and philosophical issues, but psychological and sociological issues related to who likes Tebow (lots of ordinary people), who hates him (the media and the Bronc's head staff), and why.

I've been wanting to do this for a while now but the tipping point was this post from The Blaze (a non-mainstream news site I subscribe to to get updates in politics and technology mostly).

By the way, the title is based off of a very short lived TV series called God, The Devil, and Bob, which was basically the book of Job adapted to modern times (and yes, Job plays a huge part in my analysis of the Tebow story). Some church lobby didn't like it so it was pulled. That was ten years ago. Now no church has the power to pull things from television, except the "Church" of Scientology which pulled that South Park episode.