22 February 2012

The Religion of Pieces

US troops at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan accidentally burned a couple of Qurans that fell into the trash. Now the religion of "peace" has to chop hundreds, maybe thousands, of non-Muslims into pieces. Rioters are throwing rocks at the base (an act of war?), shooting into the air, and shouting "Die, die foreigners." Apparently snow cut short the demonstration. They'll likely kill non-Muslims in India or Egypt tomorrow, because that's what happens every time someone burns a Quran.

"They should leave Afghanistan rather than disrespecting our religion, our faith," Mohammad Hakim told the Associated Press outside of Bagram. "They have to leave and if next time they disrespect our religion, we will defend our holy Koran, religion and faith until the last drop of blood has left in our body."

Okay, we the Americans will leave and let the Taliban come back and opress you again. Remember when we the Americans liberated your country, thousands of you went out to undisclosed locations and dug up old TVs and radios that the Taliban forbid you from having? Guess where they'll go again? Guess what the Taliban will do when they get power again, since you helped the enemy for ten years? Guess whose heads will come off? Yours will! That should make you so happy!

Oh, and when we leave we'd like our $52 billion in aid back, preferably in $20s and singles so we can go to the strip club, toss back a few brews, and maybe get a blow job if the price is right.

The next time we disrespect your religion, yeah Hakim (I knew a Hakim once, real asshole, probably not related). How about the next time the suicide bombers disrespect your religion? Oh, that's right, the part where it says killing innocent women and children send you straight to Hell, that part of the Quran is magically forgotten. That's not disrespecting your religion, but having a copy fall into the trash by accident means blood must spill.

Why don't we just get the fuck out of the country already? I say the Afghans deserve the Taliban. They don't want to be liberated, just subjugated, and we're too kind to do that.