12 March 2012

The "Fluke You" Deception

Sandra Fluke Yu is a fake, a fraud, a tool for President Zero. She is a life long political agitator who was brought in by Zero's goons to distract the public from his violation of the First Amendment. This is an issue of freedom of religion, not the evil Christians and the evil Republicans hating women. Here is a 4 minute video with Bill O'Reilly about Fluke Yu and her handlers (WARNING there is an abrupt loud tone in the very beginning that may startle you if you don't expect it).

Fluke Yu's is being represented by the PR firm SKDKnickerbocker, which is run by Anita Dunn, who is one of Zero's propaganda ministers (former communications director).

This is a brilliant piece of journalism on Bill's part.

Remember, this is an issue of Zero violating the Constitution, not about contraception which no one wants to get rid of and no one wants to make into an issue except Zero, because he wants to obfuscate the truth.