31 May 2012

The End of Dhimmitude

A piece in The American Thinker called "Requiem for a Righteous Muslim" on the death of Tashbih Sayyed, written in 2007. The opening paragraph is simple and forceful:

Tashbih Sayyed called himself a Muslim Zionist.  He fearlessly directed his great intellect and powerful voice to combat Jew-hatred and anti-Zionism, often at great personal cost.  In befriending the Jews, he enraged his own community.  Nevertheless, he never allowed an anti-Semitic comment to pass unanswered in his presence.  Furthermore, he wanted Jews to educate themselves about the depth and breadth of anti-Semitism imbedded in his own culture and religion.  He also wanted us to understand how the Muslim world regards non-Muslims and that the common perception of Islam as a religion of peace and tolerance is a lie.  
(emphasis added)

Some other choice quotes:

"The religion of Islam denies equality between Muslims and non-Muslims.  In lands subject to Islamic law, the dhimmi lives by the grace of the Muslim who is obliged to humiliate him in return for sparing his life.  The non-Muslim must literally choose between dhimmitude and death."

"Christian Europe itself has been terrorized by 14 centuries of jihad from her Muslim neighbors including the jihad that is being played out in real time today. Jihad against Europe never stopped, even if you include the 200 years of the Crusades."

"...recall the chorus of Western apologies that ensued after the publication of the Danish cartoons. Global Muslim rioting, mayhem and murder served as an effective rejoinder to the exercise of free speech.

"Somehow, we all understand that dhimmis must know their place.  In lands governed under Islamic law, Christian and Jewish dhimmis must display their humility at all times or risk forfeiting their lives.  The scandal is that dhimmitude is making its inroads in the West. 

"When the Jewish people created the State of Israel, they committed an unpardonable crime against the Muslim world: the crime of self-respect."

Israel, Europe, the United States, indeed, all of Western civilization, chooses to capitulate, to accept submission. Hamas was allowed to hold elections. There is talk of giving up the Golan and Judea and Samaria. Apologies were made for drawings of Muhammad and massive crackdown in Afghanistan was not called for when a couple of Qurans that captured militants defaced were burned in the trash. Whatever are we to do? Will we accept submission or will we cast off our dhimmi status and proclaim our equality and Israel's right to exist?