20 November 2012

Ten Steps to Fixing The Education System and America

In Order of Importance

1. Get rid of the Department of Education and leave education up to individual communities as was intended by the founders
2. Teach values beyond "get what you can, your personal enjoyment is all that matters"
3. Teach boys like boys, not like defective girls who need to be put on psychotropic drugs
4. Teach basic economics
5. Let teachers fail and fire them, even if they have tenure
6. Let students fail
7. Get rid of standardised tests, they are counterproductive
8. Get rid of homework, it's counterproductive
9. Stop teaching self esteem and feel-good-ism
10. Graduation should mean employment

As Swami says:

Education must train the children to love, to co-operate, to be brave in the cause of truth, to be helpful, to be sympathetic and to be grateful. Dear children! Revere your parents, elders and teachers, be humble before them and respect their experience and deeper love for you. You must follow these virtues consistently and strictly. The educators, elders and parents too, on their part, must cleanse their intelligence and practice the same virtues with humility and detachment. There is no use teaching the children one thing and holding out examples, contrary to the teachings. Thus, true learning occurs when noble truths are taught and supplemented by the conduct of the teachers, parents and the elders.

Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol VI, Ch 26.