16 December 2012

Precious Human Birth

The body is the chariot (ratha) of the individual (jeevi), who is the Master. Human birth is the glorious and precious opportunity amongst all living beings. The human body is the castle from which one can fight successfully against the foes of attachment and egoism. It is the boat by which one can cross the sea of change and chance. The realization of the reality within oneself, through relentless spiritual discipline is an arduous challenge – as fraught with dangers and calamity, like playing with fire or duelling with wild animals. Scriptures (Upanishads) have compared the spiritual aspirant’s path to that of a razor’s edge. One has to be alert, vigilant and fully trained to meet all emergencies. Use the precious opportunity of this human birth and leverage your intelligence, discrimination and detachment you are gifted with, to rise above all, and realize the Ultimate Reality.
- Divine Discourse, Oct 15, 1966.