08 April 2013

New World Order

First, President George H. W. Bush talks about dismantling the United States and creating a UN-run "New World Order," which he assures us "will succeed."

Second, Vice President Joe Biden talks about the imperative for creating a "New World Order," because the old order - the United States - doesn't work in the 21st century world where Mongolia is serious economic threat and the "playing field" must be "leveled." They're task is not complete, but they're getting there.

Get it? Political parties are a fiction. They exist to distract us from the truth: the people in power want to dismantle the United States and create a one world government. With the horrendously extreme increase in executive power, the relegation of the Congress to a farcical show, and the courts legislating from the bench the overthrow of the very foundation of every single society that has ever existed, is it still a conspiracy? Do you not believe yet?